When to use stardust and Pokémon candy

Stardust is a valuable resource available in Pokémon go game which increases the chances of your Pokémon go account of being sold. Selling a Pokémon go account basically depends on few factors such as the amount of stardust present in your Pokémon go account, rare Pokémon registered in your Pokedex, lure modules, incense sticks and eggs. More the amount of mentioned valuables are available in your Pokémon go account more the chances of your Pokémon go account going up for sale.

Candies are just like stardust resource except for the fact that these small things are used in the game to evolve a particular Pokémon. One type of candy can be used only to evolve one species of Pokémon.

Both Stardust and candies are earned by catching a Pokémon but may vary in amount. Candies are scarce when compared to stardust.

Both the resources are useful if you’re planning to reach a higher level in the game to put your Pokémon go account for sale.

Player looking to buy a Pokémon go account would surely be attracted towards the level of your Pokémon go account and the other resources that you might be providing along with your account.

Putting a Pokémon go account to buyers requires you to take it to a higher level so as to make it saleable. Here are a few tips on how to use stardust and candies to evolve your Pokémon and take your Pokémon go account to a higher level.

1. When and how to use stardust

Using this valuable resource is a tricky business as it is advised not to use this resource unless you’re making use of it to its full potential.

Evolving a Pokémon from one certain level to another requires a different amount of stardust. For example, evolving a Pokémon from level 1 to 2 require 200 stardust but from level 2 to 3 it would need 400 stardust. Thus, it is advised to use this resource only on Pokémon which are very rare and important to evolve.

It is better to keep it till you catch several types of Pokémon or hatch the Pokémon from an egg.

Also, if you’re looking to put your account for sale then it is better to save the stardust as to make your Pokemon go account attractive to buy.

2. When and how to use candies

Candies work just like stardust but with a bit of twist. Candies are unique to a Pokémon species and can be used to evolve only that particular type of Pokémon. Candies are rare and should be used wisely only when they’re really necessary.

You can also earn candies by transferring the Pokémon to the professor. For every transfer, you’ll be given one candy and that will be added to the bunch of candies you already have for that particular Pokémon.

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