Pokémon and their evolved form

Pokémon go game has been a craze in young and old players since the day it has been released in the market. Players have been seen running down the street to locate and Catch Pokémon and later on evolve them to increase their CP and make them stronger.


Players looking to put their Pokémon go account for sale should have knowledge of different types of Pokémon and which Pokémon evolve to which form. As Pokémon go Pokémon for sale is largely dependent on their evolved type and their CP.

Buyer player who’s willing to buy a Pokémon go account will look for higher level trainer account and evolved Pokémon go Pokémon. They’ll buy Pokémon go Pokémon which are most likely to help go higher and win gym battles.


A grass type Pokémon will evolve in its own type and a water type Pokémon will evolve in its own type. Although they will gain new attack power and abilities they still will vulnerable to another type Pokémon.


As there are many Pokémon in the game and each one of them have their own type, ability, and evolved form. If these Pokémon go Pokémon for sale are evolved then they are for sure going to attract a large number of audience and buyer player.


Let’s look at what candies are before understanding about different evolved Pokémon.


Candies are a special item available in the Pokémon go game which is used for evolving the Pokémon. It is also one of the items that a player looks for while buying a Pokémon go account. Candies are different for different Pokémon and only a particular candy can be used to evolve one type of Pokémon.

Let’s look at which Pokémon evolve and gain what different abilities.


  1. A grass type Pokémon that is Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur using 25 candies. It then can be evolved to its last form, by using 100 candies, into Venusaur.


  1. Charmander is one of the most sights after Pokémon which needs 25 candies to be evolved into a Charmeleon and 100 candies to be evolved into a Charizard.


  1. Water type Pokémon Squirtle will evolve into Wartortle if you have 25 Squirtle candies and into Blastoise if you’ve 100 Squirtle candies.


  1. Pidgey is one of the best flying types Pokémon and can be evolved to Pidgeotto using 12 Pidgey candies and Pidgeot using 50 Pidgey candies.


  1. Now, comes Pikachu which is undoubtedly on soft the most favorite Pokémon of all the players. It has only 2 stages and can be evolved to Raichu using 50 candies of its own type.

If you’re looking for rare Pokémon type and their evolution then below given are a few rare Pokémon and their evolved types.


  1. Ponyta to Rapidash using 50 candies
  2. Voltorb to Electrode using 50 candies
  3. Dratini to Dragonair using 25 candies and Dragonite using 100 candies


It is most likely that a cheap Pokémon go account will have all these Pokémon in their first stage and a level 40 Pokémon go account for sale will have all these Pokémon in their last evolved stage.