Pokemon go account

Pokémon go has made every millennial get out of his bean bag, go out in the wild and hunt for Pokémon. Every lazy young adult has joined this bandwagon and created a Pokémon go account and started to locate their little fictional friends. Since this game is available on IOS and Android devices, it easily accessible to everyone. This game has gone viral in just a matter of time and a lot of Pokémon go accounts and players have come up. What makes this game unique is the location-based real-time scenarios combined with the virtual screen. It requires your physical as well as observing abilities to move forward in this game.

A Pokemon go account, also called a Pokémon trainer club account is fairly simple to create. All you need to do is install the application on your IOS or Android device and register yourself as one of the trainers. That would require you to fill in your details such as your date birth and country to verify your age. After verification of your age, you’ll be needed to fill in few more details before you can start playing this real-time game. For creating a Pokémon go account you need to fill in your unique username, that means this username is available only to you and you would use the same username to login to your Pokémon go account, a password to protect your profile, an email address to verify your account. Confirm your password and email address and then you’re all set to train your Pokémons to engage in battles. This registration also allows you to pick a screen name for yourself which would be displayed publicly.


You can also register to open your Pokémon go account using your existing Google account. Your Pokémon go account has given you the privilege to select your own character and style them as you wish.


Pokémon go account is the profile you’ve created as a trainer which displays all the Pokémons you’ve caught, number of poke balls you’ve and other items in your bags.

One of the coolest features of this game is that it has an option to see a Pokémon in real life places on your camera while catching them. Just turn your camera on and rotate your device to see the Pokémon.

Your Pokemon go account has all the updates and news of the Pokémon franchise and would guide you through the process of becoming a good player and a good Pokémon trainer.


The map of the whole area is laid in front of you on your mobile screen and your virtual self-moves along with you as you move. This map uses the GPS technology embedded in your phone and shows nearby pokestops and other trainer clubs. Pokestops are monuments and places in real life which provides you with a supply of pokeballs and eggs and other items.


Your Pokémon go account has an option which allows you to see nearby places where Pokémon are likely to be found and it also provides you information about the Pokémon you’ve kept. Pokémon caught by you are registered to pokedex. This game has almost all the services that were shown in the cartoon and gives a full-fledged feeling that you’re actually playing this game in real life.

These Pokémon go accounts assigned to one player levels up themselves based on the distance in kilometers traveled by the player, types of Pokémon caught and their developed level and the number of pokestops visited. Stardust is used to evolve and power up your Pokémon. This item cannot be bought but can be collected by catching Pokémon.


Due to the increase in popularity of this game Pokémon go accounts can be bought and sold based on the severity of their levels. A player can either sell their account or buy one suited to their playing needs and continue playing h the game with the account bought.


This game mainly requires you to catch a Pokémon, evolve and power them to attack in any battles you engage in and fill your pokedex with rare Pokémon. Gamers from around the world are desperately searching for any rare Pokémon sightings to catch and train them.