Where to find different types of Pokémon go Pokémon?

Pokémon go Pokémon are those little creatures which have for some years now made the players go around their locality and even different other areas in order to catch Pokémon. A high level Pokémon go trainer account will get a number of buyers and buying a Pokémon go account is an option for those players who cannot keep up with the recent and latest updates and want a number Pokémon in their Pokedex. As there are Pokémon of different types and species available and not all of them will be present at the player’s area they go for buying the Pokémon go account.


If a player is looking to buy a Pokémon go account then a player must be looking to sell the Pokémon go account and this deal in the market makes the game more interesting and full of fun. For selling and buying of Pokémon go account let’s see the types of different Pokémon and where these various types are most likely to be found.

There are different types or species of Pokémon available in the game. Pokémon go Pokémon species are determined based on their properties of the elements they’re made of. Although there a number of different types of Pokémon species available in the game, which roughly is 18, most of the popular and favorite Pokémon species are water type Pokémon, grass type Pokémon, electric type Pokémon, fire type Pokémon and psychic type Pokémon. All of these Pokémon have different powers and they all are best for a specific type of Pokémon in the battlefield.

To reach the highest level in the game and to put level 40 Pokémon go account for sale it is required for the player to understand the different types of Pokémon, their appearance area, and their opponent.


  1. A grass type Pokémon like Bulbasaur and Oddish is more likely to lurking around grassy areas. To capture them it is better to go near the parks, gardens and green areas like a golf course.


  1. Fire type Pokémon are a bit difficult to locate but they can sure be a very good catch when located. These Pokémon go Pokémon are mostly found near warm and hot places and dry climate. Fire type Pokémon are Charmander, Ponyta, and Growlithe.


  1. Water-type Pokémon is very predictably found near water bodies like rivers, steam, lake, and other small or large water bodies. As these water type Pokémon are available mostly near water bodies these Pokémon go for sale will benefit those buyers who are devoid of a number of warmer bodies and buying a Pokémon go account will add this Pokémon to their Pokedex.


  1. Electric-type Pokémon like Pikachu, Raichu, Magneton are very easily found near an industrial area, schools, colleges and other places which are largely filled with concrete. These Pokémon are are a little difficult to locate but once you get an idea of a place where you’ve spotted them before you can go back to find more Pokémon of these type as they reappear a number of times.