Factors affecting Pokémon go account

Pokémon go game saw the youth of the globe running and walking around to catch their favourite or other rare and unique Pokémon. The game reached another level with almost half of the world population playing the game. And since it’s release in 2016, the game has seen a huge number of new players being added and a lot of new updates.


The game was very much in the news but as the time went by old players started to feel that the game was becoming monotonous and they found it harder to catch rare and high combat power Pokémon after reaching level 20 and above and so they started to sell their high-level account for the money. Although the price of the Pokémon go account for sale does depend on other few factors too.

Let’s list down what are the factors that affect the price of a Pokémon go account –


  1. The trainer players Pokémon go account


First and foremost factor to affect the price of the Pokémon go account for sale is the account level.


The buyer will first enquire about the Pokémon go account level before looking deeper into other details of the account. And most of the times buyers are looking to get good deals on Pokémon go account which is of a level higher than 30 as these accounts provide them with other features and benefits. And that is why a Pokémon go account of level 40 for sale will see more interested customers looking to purchase it.


  1. Extra features and benefits


Pokémon go account has many features within itself include in-app purchases and these are what the buyer looks at after finalizing the Pokémon go account level.


The buyer will look deeply into the Pokedex, Pokémon CP level, number of candies, Stardust, berries and other lure modules along with eggs to finalize the purchase.


A Pokémon go account for sale needs to stand out in the market as the popularity of the game has seen so many people selling their account for the money.


  1. Gym badge


This interactive game allows a player to battle in the gym for a badge. A gym battle takes place between two opponents and the trainer who wins the battle also wins the badge along with the gym.


Gym badges show that the Pokémon of Pokedex is trained and powerful enough to defeat another Pokémon in the battle. Although the trainer’s skills are needed to engage in battle it still shows that a powerful Pokedex is a reason behind these many numbers of gym badges.


  1. The Pokémon go account buying platform


Pokémon go account for sale should be authentic and cheap and should have the best lowest possible price for that particular level to attract customers.

An online store which lists down authentic Pokémon go account for sale should be a player’s first priority before finalizing the purchase. And so purchasepokemon.com is listing out the highest account levels at the cheapest possible price for a player to buy a Pokémon go account and have fun playing the most sensational game of the century.