Different levels of Pokémon go game

Pokémon go game has seen the popularity chart before it saw the light of the day. The game has gone to make all the players crazy over locating and catching Pokémon. The Pokémon go account will brand you as a trainer and then your adventure starts. You’ll go around along with your virtual self to hunt Pokémon.


The Pokémon go account would make you a trainer and each trainer level has its different perks. The game would behave differently on different levels and there are a number of various features and items available at different trainer accounts.


Pokémon go account for sale usually starts from higher Pokémon go accounts such as level 20 or above. These higher levels provide a number of benefits to the buyer player. Pokémon go on sale makes it more important for players to reach higher levels like level 20 so that they can sell their Pokémon go account.

The highest level in the game is level 40 and level 40 Pokémon go account for sale is usually seen when the buyer player is willing just to acquire a number of features and items as after reaching level 40 the trainer account will get a lot of items added to his bag.


Let’s look at what different types of items are added to the trainer account at different higher levels –


  1. From going from one level to next level you’ll need experience points. And after going to another level you’re going get rewards of Pokeballs, potion, lure modules, revive, eggs, egg incubators, razzberry in different numbers.


  1. Reaching level 20 will get you 20 ultra balls, 20 hyper potions, 20 revive, 20 razzberry, 2 incense sticks, 2 lucky eggs, 2 egg incubators and 2 lure modules and this list will keep on increasing with every advancement to next level.


  1. Upon reaching higher levels after level 20 you’ll get the same items in different numbers till you reach level 25. To reach level 25 first you need a total experience of 710,000. And after reaching this level you’ll be rewarded with 25 ultra balls, 20 max potions, 15 revive, 15 pinap berries, lure modules, lucky eggs, eggs incubators and incense sticks in different numbers. The game will see a huge number of items being added to your bag after you start to play regularly and continue to go higher in levels.


  1. The last level, which is level 40 will require 20lakhs of experience points but will reward you with hefty items and a lot of features. After reaching level 40 you’ll find your bag to be full with 40 ultra balls, 40 max potions, 40 max revive, 40 razzberry, 4 incense sticks, 4 lucky eggs, 4 egg incubators, 4 lure modules. All these items are yours after you’ve reached level 40 in the game.

So, go ahead with playing the game and selling and buying cheap Pokémon go account of different levels to enjoy this amazing game to its fullest.