Know A-Z about Pokemon go game

Pokemon go game has been spreading like fire since the day it was released to the general gamers and gamers have since adopted the game and made the most out of it. From registering as a trainer for a Pokemon go account to becoming the master of this pokemon catching game, this game has always seen a surge in its popularity. Its popularity has always gone up without sliding no matter what the new updates or new pokemon additions have come. And its popularity is what makes players and gamers indulge and enjoy this virtual reality augmented game to its fullest.

This particular article will tell you how to start the game as a new pokemon go gamer and go ahead with mastering the game and becoming a Pokemon go the best trainer. To know how to start with this spectacular experience, first, you’ll need to install this game in your mobile phone and register yourself as a trainer. Registering in and making a Pokemon go account will provide you with a number of benefits that are available only for the registered game users. So, now let’s start with how you can become the best trainer from a rookie.
Pokemon go account
Make a Pokemon go account
There are two ways of registering yourself as a trainer and becoming a part of this gamer franchise.
First, you can install the game on your Android or IOS device and follow the mentioned instructions that you need to follow to register yourself as a trainer.
Second, browse to the official website of the Pokemon go game and go the option ‘Join’ which will redirect you to the register page.
Both of these two options require you to follow the same instructions to register yourself.

Follow the below instructions to make a Pokemon go account
1. Provide your birth date and the country you reside in and click on continue.
2. Fill all the mandatory fields on the next page, like your name, email address and other information that the game requires for a smooth run in your mobile phone.
3. Verify the email address that you’ve registered with and continue with the game that you’ve just started.

Choose an avatar for your account
This game is unique in its features. It has an option where you can choose an avatar, the character who’ll be playing you inside the game. This feature will, by default, ask you to design your trainer self in the game the first time to enter this virtual reality but after you’ve started to play you can go back and select a particular option if you wish to change your style. From choosing a different hairstyle, skin tones, shirts, backpacks, footwear and more, this feature allows you to become your own designer and make an amazing entry to the game.

Customize your avatar –
1. In the MAP view, select the Trainer profile icon and then select the option Style.
2. Select the category that you wish to change, i.e skin tone, backpack, hairstyle, shirt, bottom wear, eye color, belt and many more.
3. Once you’ve selected your choice of design, you can go back and change another appearance feature of the character.
4. Click on Close after you’re done redesigning your game character.

After your little spree with designing your game character, it’ll change its appearance and come out in the same way you intend it to.
Pokemon go account
Things you should know before you start the game
Primary Gola of this game is to make you walk around and locate pokemon and capture them. You’ll need to learn to throw a ball and capture the Pokemon. Then comes gym battles and defending the gym which is the second part of the game.

Master the game
Throw the right curve Pokeball, capture the rarest and high CP pokemon, find new Pokeballs and eggs, walk around and win gym battles, master all these and you’ll be glad that you registered for a game which pushes you to go in the wild.
Mastering this virtual game requires the best thinking capability, the best ball throwing technique and the patience that is needed to survive this game. Start with small and take baby steps to reach the highest peak of this game. Once you’re comfortable with handling the Pokeballs and not letting the Pokemon run away you can start with learning about the various features of the game and how you can use it for your own benefit.

Pokemon go game features
Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, features of this game keep changing and keeping yourself updated with these diverse features will only work for your benefit. Explore the features of this game and know how catching and training a Pokemon is just the start of this highly branched game.

Collect all the required items
Whether you’re walking around to level up your trainer account or put your Pokemon go account for sale, you’ll need to focus on collecting a few required items and using them. Collecting these items will get you more Pokemon and also money if you’re putting your trainer Pokemon go account for sale.

Items that are available in the game and make your gaming life easier –

1. Fast and charged TMs – these two items can be earned only by participating in raid and gym battles. These items are known to replace a Pokemon’s old attack with new moves. They’re fairly useful when it comes to battling in gym battles and earning badges.
2. Berries – there are a number of berries available in the game pinap berry, nanab berry, razzberry and golden berry. All these berries have different functions of their own when fed to a Pokemon.
3. Incense stick – this particular item in the game is used to lure a Pokemon to the gamer’s spot. This means that you don’t always need to move around in order to locate and capture Pokemon.
4. Eggs – this item can be collected at a poke stop and hatches only when a certain amount of distance is covered by the gamer. Eggs are an easy and sure shot way of collecting more pokemon without having to run behind them and pokemon hatched from an egg can also be that one rare pokemon that you might not have been able to locate in the wild.
5. Incubators – only those eggs hatch and give you a new pokemon which are incubated in the incubators. There are various types of incubators and all of them have their different function. Incubators can also be collected from a poke stop just like an egg.
6. Pokedex – it is the place where all your unique pokemon resides. When you catch one type of Pokemon for the first time it gets registered in the Pokedex thus markings its way into your trainer account. And primarily, this is the first thing a buyer notices while buying a pokemon go account.

Pokemon go account

All of these items are readily available but their proper usage to level up your trainer pokemon go account and evolve a pokemon is what matters the most. There is a lot number of items available in the game and in the shop that this game inhabits. Items available in the shop can be bought with coins in the game or for real money but all of these items will work for the benefit of you as a gamer. And if in future you ever decide to put your Pokemon go account for sale then it is suggested to not leave these amazing items behind while proceeding with the game.

Navigate the virtual game map
Now that you’ve registered yourself as a trainer and you’re familiar with throwing a ball and all the main and required items of the game go ahead with exploring the virtual space where all these pokemon reside. Navigate the map and locate the Pokemon and capture them. Move your game character around and find poker stops. Pokestops are the major places where you can collect Pokeballs, berries, eggs, and incense sticks. All of these which can be used in the game to level up.

Navigating the map is mainly about running behind a pokemon and not letting it run away or fly away from you. Who do you think will buy pokemon go account if the account does not have a diverse range if captured pokemon. One more reason to walk around and navigate the map is simply to hatch an egg. The egg which you collected from a poke stop will hatch after walking for certain kilometers, say 3km or 5km. All you need to do is to keep the egg in an incubator and walk the number of kilometers that are required.

Now, to walk on a path which makes other gamers buy Pokemon go account from you in the future you need to throw your first Pokeball and capture a pokemon. After you’ve located a pokemon you can click on it and this click will enable you to throw a ball at the Pokemon. Make sure to throw the ball when the Pokemon is in steady state and is not jumping or flying around rigorously. You might miss a few chances but eventually, you’ll capture the first ever pokemon by throwing a perfect curveball. As locating and capturing of the Pokemon is the primary aim of this game, you need to learn how to do the same if you want to fill up your Pokedex with new and rare pokemon with higher CP.

Why buy Pokemon go account?
As the popularity of the game increased, the business related to this game increased too. Gamers started to buy Pokemon go account in order to stay updated without having to spend a numerous number of hours in locating and capturing the Pokemon. And would you be able to say no to a Pokedex which is filled with rare and high CP pokemon?
A pokemon go account which has all the high CP pokemon and rare pokemon from different places is a good buy when it comes to acquiring a pokemon go account. If you’re still not satisfied as to why you should sell your Pokemon account then it is better to continue playing the game and see how it becomes repetitive and how new players will flock behind you once they come to know that you’re an expert with a higher level Pokemon go account.

Pokemon go account
Why gamers put their Pokemon go account for sale?
This game reaches to the highest level of 40 and then the game ends. Also, with time and locating and capturing of the Pokemon becomes monotonous and quite boring so a number of gamers start over again from the beginning and put their old higher level Pokemon go account for sale. Selling of the account has a number of benefits for the gamers who are selling it and for the gamer who’s buying it. From getting hard cash by selling their account to starting over and experiencing the same thrill of locating and capturing the Pokemon, selling the account has a lot of benefits. Furthermore, it is better to sell a higher level account with a diverse set of Pokemon occupying Pokedex than to keep it and have no use of it.

What did you learn – a short trip around the game
If you’re a beginner at this game then you can now consider yourself to be aware of the basic rules, items, and moves that you need to play this game. But with the time you’ll learn how to battle in gym battles and earn badges and how you can defend the gym you’ve won by defeating another pokemon. You’ll also get to know how you can evolve your Pokemon and how their power and fighting ability will help you to win a gym. But for now, you’re very well explained here on how you can start with this amazing game and move upwards by exploring and experiencing all of its different elements with time to come.

Pokemon GO Account

You’ve started the best game ever if you’re playing the Pokemon go game. Memories related to this game goes way back to childhood days for millennials and with our business-mindedness, we, millennials, have also started to trade pokemon go account for the money. So, if you’re planning on stepping into the shoes of gamer and then a business, then it is best that you go through this article because it combines the game features with the business features and tells you what you need to know in order to flourish in this area. Also, knowing about a game which you’re going to master will only make you the best gamer.

Start with knowing the Pokemon in your Pokemon go account
The first stepping stone is to know about the primary characters of this game which are the Pokemon. These little virtual creatures will make you run behind them but will also make this game enjoyable for you. You can connect these little adorable creatures to your childhood show, Pokemon, which the game is based on. In this particular section of the article, you’ll learn about these characters and their types and species and how you can locate and capture them in your pokemon go account.
So, starting with the main characters of the game seems legit, doesn’t it?

Types of Pokemon
You already know that these are the creatures which available in the wild for your game character to locate and capture but these virtual creatures are not all of the same types. Your Pokemon go account has a Pokedex which registers a new pokemon after it is caught but it also shares the information about the type of the Pokemon you’ve caught. To be straightforward, there are a number of different type of Pokemon and their type defines their species which in turn defines their attacks and location in the wild.
The types of Pokemon and species present are –
1. Rock type
2. Water type
3. Electric-type
4. Fire type
5. Psychic-type
6. Leaf type, and many more.
It is estimated that around 807 types of Pokemon species are present but not all of these species are present in the game but having the maximum number of these pokemon in your pokedex will mage gamers buy the pokemon go account.

Pokemon go account

Pokemon location
Now, that you’re aware of what pokemon are and what type of Pokemon are present generally in the game, let’s look at where these wild creatures could be found. Your Pokemon go account has a number of amazing features and one of the best features is the map. The map guides your game character and shows any nearby Pokemon. But not all the pokemon will be located in the same place. For example, you’re more likely to find a water type pokemon near a water body and a leaf type pokemon near or in a park or a green area. Pokemon sightings are more frequent at places like a lake, a park, a big public area, or a canal but for capturing a rare pokemon you also need to go to a rare place which you’ll come to know in the upcoming sections of this article.
Fill your Pokedex with rare pokemon in the Pokemon go account
Registering a pokemon in Pokedex is not a big task but registering a rare pokemon and locating them and then capturing is the task which a gamer has to become expert in. Rare pokemon can be available at rocky places, at a public swimming pool or a mall. Places like an airport, coffee shops and restaurants too can inhabit rare pokemon but it’s not necessary then you’ll come across one. Rare pokemon sightings are rare too and if you come across one don’t let it flee because your pokemon go account for sale will need one. So, there’s a way how you can capture a rare pokemon if one comes in front of you.
Pokemon go account
Catch a rare pokemon
Locating and capturing a rare pokemon in the game is rare but you can follow a few tips if you want to increase your chances of catching one. In case you come across a rare pokemon feed a few berries to make it dizzy so that there is a low chance of it running away. Use a power ball if you have got that in your collection and capture the Pokemon. Don’t let the Pokemon fly away and use all the necessary items you’ve in your list to catch it as gamers are more likley to buy Pokemon go account which has a rare pokemon.

Know the names of the rare pokemon
1. Dratini
2. Geodude
3. Sandshrew
4. Dragonite
5. Onix
6. Omanyte
7. Cyndaquill
All of the above Pokemon can either be in their first form or the evolved nature of their first form but are rare and their sightings are not always frequent in the map. And the best part about locating and capturing these rare pokemon is that your Pokemon go account for sale will see a huge number of buyers flocking to you to buy pokemon go account.

Rare pokemon helps your Pokemon go account
Having a rare pokemon registered in your Pokedex is one of the sure shot ways of attracting a number of Pokemon go players who’re willing to buy Pokemon go account. When your Pokemon go account for sale reaches the right buyers they’ll first and foremost check the number of Pokemon you’ve and the number of unique pokemon you’ve registered in your Pokedex. Having checked this they’ll for sure show interest in buying your Pokemon go account if it has a diverse range of Pokemon and also a handful of rare Pokemon. Along with increasing your popularity rare pokemon in your account’s Pokedex will also help you level up your pokemon go account which in turn will attract more gamers to buy pokemon go account.

Pokemon attacks and defense in pokemon go account
Now that you’re aware of the Pokemon, their species, their sightings and the rare pokemon, it is time to learn about which type of Pokemon uses what attack and defense mechanism in order to win a battle in Pokemon go account. This knowledge of yours will help you earn gym badges by defeating the defender pokemon. As different types of Pokemon use different attacks and their evolved form uses even more other types of attacks, it is better to know the basic attack and defense mechanism which will prove beneficial for you in the game.

Pokemon defense and attack mechanisms vary depending on their type and thus knowing which Pokemon has which attack as their best and which type of Pokemon is good against another pokemon type will be better in this game in your pokemon go account.
Pokemon go account
Electric-type Pokemon
Pokemon species which exhibit electrical properties and have a better defense against flying and water type pokemon come under this category. Pokemon under this particular section are Pikachu, voltorb, electrode, Pichu, flaaffy, electrike and many more. They don’t fair well against ground type pokemon but are fairly good against flying type pokemon such as pidgey, butterfree, zubat, doduo, crobat and others and water type pokemon such as poliwag, seel, Krabby, seadra, staryu, Magikarp and other water type pokemon. Pokemon go account for sale will need these in your pokedex.
Pokemon go account
Water type pokemon
Water type pokemon have abilities to damage their opponent using their water attacks. They work much better against ground type, rock type, and fire type pokemon species. Their water attacks don’t work as much effective against electric and grass type pokemon. Squirtle, Gyarados, Magikarp, Kyogre, Blastoise, Golduck, Wartortle and Psyduck. These pokemon are very strong and pokemon of this type can also learn ice type moves which work better against dragon and grass type species. Almost 133 water type pokemon are available in the wild and you need is to locate and capture them. A gamer wanting to buy Pokemon go account will surely look for these types of Pokemon in Pokedex.

Pokemon go account
Fire type pokemon
Pokemon which belong under this type of species are super effective against pokemon species type bug, ice, grass, and steel. Their fire attacks cannot be dodged effectively by the above-mentioned type pokemon. They don’t fare well when they are used in a battle against the ground, water, and rock type. Pokemon under this species are Charizard, Charmander, Vulpix, Blaziken, Ponyta, Flareon and Slugma. Total of 68 fire type pokemon is present in the wild. They also get their powers increased by 50% during harsh sunlight and they lose their power during heavy rains. Pokemon go account for sale or buying a pokemon go account, both will increase the value of your Pokemon go account by a high rate.

Pokemon go account
Ground type pokemon
Ground type pokemon have above average power attacks and defense but their attacks do not work properly against flying and they’re vulnerable against Ice, Water and Grass type pokemon. Garchomp, Flygon, Zygarde, Larvitar, Onix, Diglett, and Trapinch come under this species and there are a total of 65 ground type pokemon in the anime but the game might have a little less of those. These pokemon can learn Rock-type attacks to use these attacks against flying and bug type pokemon. Their most common attacks include causing an earthquake and drilling holes in the ground.

Pokemon go account
Psychic-type pokemon
If you locate a pokemon which are intelligent and can manipulate the mind waves of other Pokemon. They are mythological creatures but their mind power is what makes them one of the most powerful Pokemon. Pokemon under this category such that Mewtwo, Celebi, Mew, Psyduck, Alakazam, and Hypno and many other. These pokemon are very much effective against poison type pokemon and fighting type pokemon. Their mind moves are not effective against Dark type pokemon. Dark type pokemon such as Umbreon, Greninja and Darkrai can beat these psychic type pokemon in a battle.

Pokemon go account
There are other types of Pokemon species available too such as flying type pokemon, bug type pokemon, dragon type pokemon, grass type Pokémon, rock type pokemon and a lot more. All of these have their unique abilities and attacks and catching these different types of Pokemon species will make your Pokemon go account for sale famous. Your Pokemon go account for sale will see a huge number of gamers flocking to buy Pokemon go account. A full and diverse Pokedex will make a gamer to look forward to playing with your Pokemon go account.

Which pokemon should you choose when engaging in a gym battle in your Pokemon go account?
There are almost 18 types of pokemon in the cartoon but not necessarily in the game and so you need to know which of your caught pokemon are best in a gym battle.
We’ll look at the most common available pokemon which are present in the wild and can be located and caught easily. We’ll also look at their evolved forms as these is what makes gamer buy Pokemon go account.

Pichu – Pikachu – Raichu
This electric type pokemon may not be available to you in the first day of playing this game but having this pokemon does make your pokemon go account a better sell. Perfect against water and flying type pokemon, this electric type can be used to defeat them.
Pokemon go account
Squirtle – Wartortle – Blastoise
This water type pokemon will make you emerge a winner in gym battle if used against Ice and steel type pokemon. As water type pokemon can learn some of the Ice type pokemon moves and attacks, it can use the same attacks against the Ice type pokemon to defeat it and get you a gym badge.
Pokemon go account
Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venusaur
This grass and poison type pokemon has a number of attacks and moves up its leaves and is good against water, ground and rock type pokemon. Its dual personality gives it the ability to defend very well against the dark type pokemon where it can use its poison attacks.
Pokemon go account
Charmander – Chameleon – Charizard
This lizard and fire type pokemon has a lot of attacks hidden in its fiery tail and its fire-breathing mouth. The third generation of this fire type pokemon evolves into flying pokemon too as Charizard has wings and can fly. Its fire attacks are most effective against bug, steel, grass and ice type pokemon. Use it against the types of pokemon which cannot take the fire on themselves and win the gym battle you are battling for.
Pokemon go account
Meowth – Persian
This cat pokemon is not a very usual sight on the streets but when you come across one you should not leave it uncaught. They’re immune against ghost type pokemon but also cannot damage them. This pokemon might not be a good choice for a battle fight but being rare it’ll increase the interest of a buyer in your pokemon account put up for sale.

Pokemon go account

How to become a pro player in Pokémon go game?

Pokémon go game has seen a huge fan following since its release and a lot of people have come to play the game on a pro level. People who are keen on putting their Pokémon go account for sale can go with these tips and tricks to get more captures.


Some of the Pokémon go Pokémon in the game are rare while others can be located and captured. Rare Pokémon will get you more experience, features, and items in the game and evolve them will make your Pokémon more strong. Strong Pokémon can fight a gym battle better and will earn you gym badges and they even keep the gym defended.

Gym badges are also an important item which when it comes to players who’re looking to buy a Pokémon go account. Gym badges will show how strong your Pokémon are and earning each gym badge will get you more experience to level up.


Finding Pokémon and catching them requires a player to understand their nature where they’re most likely to be located. For example, a grass type Pokémon is most likely to be found near parks, green areas, and railway tracks.

To become a professional Pokémon go player, you can go with below tips which will help you to get more rare Pokémon, various high-level items, and other game features –


  1. Locate Pokémon around the areas you’re most likely to find a type of Pokémon and nearby Pokémon. The bottom tracker in your trainer Pokémon go account shows the nearby Pokémon in your area. This Pokémon should be your first attraction and try to catch these Pokémon. They’ll for sure increase your Pokedex count. Although you can find all types of Pokémon in all the areas probability is high for few Pokémon in few particular areas.


  1. Catching a Pokémon go Pokémon is also an art. Players reaching level 40 in Pokémon go game have understood how to capture Pokémon.

If as a player you’re looking forward to putting your level 40 Pokémon go account for sale then if you’ve to be a pro at catching Pokémon. Learn how to throw a Pokeball for Pokémon. Do not let a high-level Pokémon escape from your clutches.


  1. Use the items that have been provided by the game. Pokémon game features a lot of attributes available in the game for the players to use to increase their performance. Players can go with using lure modules, incense sticks, and razzberries to capture Pokémon which they think might escape. Pokémon for sale usually gets more buyers if the Pokedex is full of strong and rare Pokémon.


  1. Capturing a Pokémon is not the end of the game as you need to nurture and evolve your Pokémon. Your Pokémon go account will sell and find a buyer quickly if it’s filled with strong Pokémon which the player can use further to play and earn gym badges. And it is better to power up your Pokémon before you evolve them.

Where to find different types of Pokémon go Pokémon?

Pokémon go Pokémon are those little creatures which have for some years now made the players go around their locality and even different other areas in order to catch Pokémon. A high level Pokémon go trainer account will get a number of buyers and buying a Pokémon go account is an option for those players who cannot keep up with the recent and latest updates and want a number Pokémon in their Pokedex. As there are Pokémon of different types and species available and not all of them will be present at the player’s area they go for buying the Pokémon go account.


If a player is looking to buy a Pokémon go account then a player must be looking to sell the Pokémon go account and this deal in the market makes the game more interesting and full of fun. For selling and buying of Pokémon go account let’s see the types of different Pokémon and where these various types are most likely to be found.

There are different types or species of Pokémon available in the game. Pokémon go Pokémon species are determined based on their properties of the elements they’re made of. Although there a number of different types of Pokémon species available in the game, which roughly is 18, most of the popular and favorite Pokémon species are water type Pokémon, grass type Pokémon, electric type Pokémon, fire type Pokémon and psychic type Pokémon. All of these Pokémon have different powers and they all are best for a specific type of Pokémon in the battlefield.

To reach the highest level in the game and to put level 40 Pokémon go account for sale it is required for the player to understand the different types of Pokémon, their appearance area, and their opponent.


  1. A grass type Pokémon like Bulbasaur and Oddish is more likely to lurking around grassy areas. To capture them it is better to go near the parks, gardens and green areas like a golf course.


  1. Fire type Pokémon are a bit difficult to locate but they can sure be a very good catch when located. These Pokémon go Pokémon are mostly found near warm and hot places and dry climate. Fire type Pokémon are Charmander, Ponyta, and Growlithe.


  1. Water-type Pokémon is very predictably found near water bodies like rivers, steam, lake, and other small or large water bodies. As these water type Pokémon are available mostly near water bodies these Pokémon go for sale will benefit those buyers who are devoid of a number of warmer bodies and buying a Pokémon go account will add this Pokémon to their Pokedex.


  1. Electric-type Pokémon like Pikachu, Raichu, Magneton are very easily found near an industrial area, schools, colleges and other places which are largely filled with concrete. These Pokémon are are a little difficult to locate but once you get an idea of a place where you’ve spotted them before you can go back to find more Pokémon of these type as they reappear a number of times.

Which type of Pokémon is best against another type in a battle?

If you’re a player who has played Pokémon go game and has a Pokémon go account then you should be aware of what types are meant when it comes to Pokémon. From fire to water and rock to earth there are different types of Pokémon available in the game and all of these Pokémon have their own unique abilities which makes them good against another particular type of the Pokémon.


Type of the Pokémon go Pokémon is determined by the elemental characteristics of the Pokémon and for a player searching to buy a Pokémon go account and Pokémon go Pokémon, they’re most likely to go after an account which has their preferred type Pokémon. So, it is always better to learn and know about Pokémon go account, their Pokémon and the types of Pokémon for Pokémon go sale.


As there are approximately 18 types of Pokémon in the game such as rock type, earth type, fire type, water type, grass type, electric type, psychic type, big type and other types it is better to know about this Pokémon so that you can reach higher level and put your Pokémon go account for sale, if that’s what you’re after. Pokémon go account sale usually sees a number of other factors too but Pokémon takes the first spot when it comes to listing the important factors while buying a Pokémon go account.

Let’s look below at what type of Pokémon is best against what type in a battle.


Bug-type Pokémon like Scizor, Scyther are very much effective against Dark, Grass and Psychic-type Pokémon. These Pokémon have special moves and power to dodge the attacks of dark, grass and psychic type Pokémon. Weak against Fire, Flying, and Rock-type Pokémon, these Pokémon go Pokémon are not very effective in fighting with rock solid and fire throwing Pokémon.


Pokémon go account for sale will have seen a huge following if the buyer comes to know about the knowledge of the types of Pokémon you have. So, going ahead Grass-type Pokémon are very much effective against ground, rock and water type Pokémon and less effective against bug, fire, flying, ice and poison type Pokémon. Grass-type Pokémon is often used against another opponent Pokémon which are not able to detect their attacks and dodge those attacks on time.

Moving on to ground type Pokémon, these type of Pokémon are effective against electric, fire, poison, rock and steel type Pokémon. Ground-type Pokémon is less effective against grass, ice and water type Pokémon. One more thing to note regarding this grass type Pokémon in Pokémon go is that it is entirely immune to electric type Pokémon and not effective against flying type Pokémon either.


As there are a number of types of Pokémon in Pokémon go and each one of them helps you fight another type and reach the highest level of 40 it is advised to know more about them.

To sell your level 40 Pokémon go account knowledge of types of Pokémon is a must.

Pokémon and their evolved form

Pokémon go game has been a craze in young and old players since the day it has been released in the market. Players have been seen running down the street to locate and Catch Pokémon and later on evolve them to increase their CP and make them stronger.


Players looking to put their Pokémon go account for sale should have knowledge of different types of Pokémon and which Pokémon evolve to which form. As Pokémon go Pokémon for sale is largely dependent on their evolved type and their CP.

Buyer player who’s willing to buy a Pokémon go account will look for higher level trainer account and evolved Pokémon go Pokémon. They’ll buy Pokémon go Pokémon which are most likely to help go higher and win gym battles.


A grass type Pokémon will evolve in its own type and a water type Pokémon will evolve in its own type. Although they will gain new attack power and abilities they still will vulnerable to another type Pokémon.


As there are many Pokémon in the game and each one of them have their own type, ability, and evolved form. If these Pokémon go Pokémon for sale are evolved then they are for sure going to attract a large number of audience and buyer player.


Let’s look at what candies are before understanding about different evolved Pokémon.


Candies are a special item available in the Pokémon go game which is used for evolving the Pokémon. It is also one of the items that a player looks for while buying a Pokémon go account. Candies are different for different Pokémon and only a particular candy can be used to evolve one type of Pokémon.

Let’s look at which Pokémon evolve and gain what different abilities.


  1. A grass type Pokémon that is Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur using 25 candies. It then can be evolved to its last form, by using 100 candies, into Venusaur.


  1. Charmander is one of the most sights after Pokémon which needs 25 candies to be evolved into a Charmeleon and 100 candies to be evolved into a Charizard.


  1. Water type Pokémon Squirtle will evolve into Wartortle if you have 25 Squirtle candies and into Blastoise if you’ve 100 Squirtle candies.


  1. Pidgey is one of the best flying types Pokémon and can be evolved to Pidgeotto using 12 Pidgey candies and Pidgeot using 50 Pidgey candies.


  1. Now, comes Pikachu which is undoubtedly on soft the most favorite Pokémon of all the players. It has only 2 stages and can be evolved to Raichu using 50 candies of its own type.

If you’re looking for rare Pokémon type and their evolution then below given are a few rare Pokémon and their evolved types.


  1. Ponyta to Rapidash using 50 candies
  2. Voltorb to Electrode using 50 candies
  3. Dratini to Dragonair using 25 candies and Dragonite using 100 candies


It is most likely that a cheap Pokémon go account will have all these Pokémon in their first stage and a level 40 Pokémon go account for sale will have all these Pokémon in their last evolved stage.

The most innovative game – Pokémon go

Pokémon go game can be considered as the most innovative and one of the most important games of the Era as it combines virtual nature of the machine well with the real outside world.

The game has everything it needs to attract young and as well as old players towards itself. From real Pokémon creatures to various type of items, this game keeps the player hooked to their mobile screen.


As it is a location-based game GPS is a must-have for every device in which the game is being played. It’ll show the player the whole map and will also show different gyms, poke stops and nearby Pokémon.

Registering yourself as a trainer in the game and making a Pokémon go account is also simple and does not require you to spend a lot of time to do it. Just head over to their official website and fill in your mandatory details and get yourself registered. Yes, it is as simple as that.


The game has also seen players buying and selling their Pokémon go account. Pokémon go account for sale helps the player to earn some money in return for their filled Pokedex and collected items. These items are very much useful when it comes to catching a Pokémon or evolving them.


Buying a Pokémon go account is an important factor for some players as they might not be able to keep up with the latest updates and new Pokémon and buying an account seems an easier option. A player who buys a Pokémon go account will get a number of Pokémon from different places and some of them might even have higher CP or might even be evolved.


A lot of players look for cheap Pokémon go account to buy as it helps them to continue playing the game without actually starting it from the beginning. Although these player needs to learn how to throw a ball and how to use other Pokémon go features it still is an easy way out to get a limited number of Pokémon in your Pokedex.


Level 40 is the last and highest level in the Pokémon go game and level 40 Pokemon go account for sale will give a player a whole lot amount of money. The buyer player will end up with a number of items like ultra lucky eggs, incense sticks, egg incubators and a lot of lure modules.

Pokémon go Pokémon too are very lifelike and the game also provides an option to switch to camera mode which shows the Pokémon in the real world instead of the game world. The makers have done a lot of work in putting out a real experience for this game for players.


As the game has its strings attached to a childhood animation of the player’s they find it nostalgic too.


The Pokémon go for sale or buy has been high in the market and thus it is advised to buy a Pokémon go account only from a trusted marketplace like as to avoid any problems in future.

Pokémon go game and it’s maximum level

Pokémon go game is exciting and has so many features packed in it that it becomes impossible to not play it. Someone might not play it regularly and reach the highest maximum level possible but everyone has at least made a Pokémon go account and registered themselves as a trainer.


The game saw a huge fan base after its release in 2016 and has since grown in popularity. Buying of Pokémon go account has seen a number of players coming forward to buy them.


Pokémon goes game’s highest level is 40 and is considered to take a lot of time and effort in reaching this level.


After reaching level 40 in Pokémon go game players either put their Pokémon go account for sale or they go around bragging about their achievement in the game.

Level 40 Pokémon go account for sale will fetch the buyer a number features and items but it is also the last level so there is no next level to jump on to by playing the game.


Here’s a list of items that a level 40 player in Pokémon go game receives –

  1. 40 ultra balls
  2. 40 max revives
  3. 40 Razzberries
  4. 4 incense stick
  5. 4 lure modules
  6. 4 egg incubators
  7. 4 lucky eggs


Reaching to level 40 has its own perks as the player can continue playing the game by engaging in gym battles and catching the Pokémon.


Although Niantic, the game developer company, can launch new update and increase the maximum level of the Pokémon go game for now level 40 is the highest level in the game.


The game requires a lot more from your side and your participation in the game will help you to level faster. Even though you need to play regularly and keep up with any of the updates that have been launched, you can follow below tips to level up faster in the Pokémon go game –


  1. Locating and catching the Pokémon will for sure fill your Pokedex but it’ll only help you level up faster if you keep evolving your Pokémon and making them stronger. A strong Pokedex will help you in winning gym battles and defending the same.


  1. Pokémon go Pokémon can be traded for one Pokémon go trainer ID to another. Training a Pokémon received by trading will level up your Pokémon go account faster.


  1. Pokémon go buy Pokémon options have come up and you can directly buy a Pokémon go account if you’re not able to keep in pace with the recent updates and are not able to catch rare and strong Pokémon.


  1. Then lastly, you can go ahead with collecting as much stardust and candies as you can to evolve your Pokémon at a faster rate. Try all the methods of evolving the Pokémon and luring them into your area so that you can those Pokémon to later be evolved later.

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Different levels of Pokémon go game

Pokémon go game has seen the popularity chart before it saw the light of the day. The game has gone to make all the players crazy over locating and catching Pokémon. The Pokémon go account will brand you as a trainer and then your adventure starts. You’ll go around along with your virtual self to hunt Pokémon.


The Pokémon go account would make you a trainer and each trainer level has its different perks. The game would behave differently on different levels and there are a number of various features and items available at different trainer accounts.


Pokémon go account for sale usually starts from higher Pokémon go accounts such as level 20 or above. These higher levels provide a number of benefits to the buyer player. Pokémon go on sale makes it more important for players to reach higher levels like level 20 so that they can sell their Pokémon go account.

The highest level in the game is level 40 and level 40 Pokémon go account for sale is usually seen when the buyer player is willing just to acquire a number of features and items as after reaching level 40 the trainer account will get a lot of items added to his bag.


Let’s look at what different types of items are added to the trainer account at different higher levels –


  1. From going from one level to next level you’ll need experience points. And after going to another level you’re going get rewards of Pokeballs, potion, lure modules, revive, eggs, egg incubators, razzberry in different numbers.


  1. Reaching level 20 will get you 20 ultra balls, 20 hyper potions, 20 revive, 20 razzberry, 2 incense sticks, 2 lucky eggs, 2 egg incubators and 2 lure modules and this list will keep on increasing with every advancement to next level.


  1. Upon reaching higher levels after level 20 you’ll get the same items in different numbers till you reach level 25. To reach level 25 first you need a total experience of 710,000. And after reaching this level you’ll be rewarded with 25 ultra balls, 20 max potions, 15 revive, 15 pinap berries, lure modules, lucky eggs, eggs incubators and incense sticks in different numbers. The game will see a huge number of items being added to your bag after you start to play regularly and continue to go higher in levels.


  1. The last level, which is level 40 will require 20lakhs of experience points but will reward you with hefty items and a lot of features. After reaching level 40 you’ll find your bag to be full with 40 ultra balls, 40 max potions, 40 max revive, 40 razzberry, 4 incense sticks, 4 lucky eggs, 4 egg incubators, 4 lure modules. All these items are yours after you’ve reached level 40 in the game.

So, go ahead with playing the game and selling and buying cheap Pokémon go account of different levels to enjoy this amazing game to its fullest.

Factors affecting Pokémon go account

Pokémon go game saw the youth of the globe running and walking around to catch their favourite or other rare and unique Pokémon. The game reached another level with almost half of the world population playing the game. And since it’s release in 2016, the game has seen a huge number of new players being added and a lot of new updates.


The game was very much in the news but as the time went by old players started to feel that the game was becoming monotonous and they found it harder to catch rare and high combat power Pokémon after reaching level 20 and above and so they started to sell their high-level account for the money. Although the price of the Pokémon go account for sale does depend on other few factors too.

Let’s list down what are the factors that affect the price of a Pokémon go account –


  1. The trainer players Pokémon go account


First and foremost factor to affect the price of the Pokémon go account for sale is the account level.


The buyer will first enquire about the Pokémon go account level before looking deeper into other details of the account. And most of the times buyers are looking to get good deals on Pokémon go account which is of a level higher than 30 as these accounts provide them with other features and benefits. And that is why a Pokémon go account of level 40 for sale will see more interested customers looking to purchase it.


  1. Extra features and benefits


Pokémon go account has many features within itself include in-app purchases and these are what the buyer looks at after finalizing the Pokémon go account level.


The buyer will look deeply into the Pokedex, Pokémon CP level, number of candies, Stardust, berries and other lure modules along with eggs to finalize the purchase.


A Pokémon go account for sale needs to stand out in the market as the popularity of the game has seen so many people selling their account for the money.


  1. Gym badge


This interactive game allows a player to battle in the gym for a badge. A gym battle takes place between two opponents and the trainer who wins the battle also wins the badge along with the gym.


Gym badges show that the Pokémon of Pokedex is trained and powerful enough to defeat another Pokémon in the battle. Although the trainer’s skills are needed to engage in battle it still shows that a powerful Pokedex is a reason behind these many numbers of gym badges.


  1. The Pokémon go account buying platform


Pokémon go account for sale should be authentic and cheap and should have the best lowest possible price for that particular level to attract customers.

An online store which lists down authentic Pokémon go account for sale should be a player’s first priority before finalizing the purchase. And so is listing out the highest account levels at the cheapest possible price for a player to buy a Pokémon go account and have fun playing the most sensational game of the century.