Pokémon go game and it’s maximum level

Pokémon go game is exciting and has so many features packed in it that it becomes impossible to not play it. Someone might not play it regularly and reach the highest maximum level possible but everyone has at least made a Pokémon go account and registered themselves as a trainer.


The game saw a huge fan base after its release in 2016 and has since grown in popularity. Buying of Pokémon go account has seen a number of players coming forward to buy them.


Pokémon goes game’s highest level is 40 and is considered to take a lot of time and effort in reaching this level.


After reaching level 40 in Pokémon go game players either put their Pokémon go account for sale or they go around bragging about their achievement in the game.

Level 40 Pokémon go account for sale will fetch the buyer a number features and items but it is also the last level so there is no next level to jump on to by playing the game.


Here’s a list of items that a level 40 player in Pokémon go game receives –

  1. 40 ultra balls
  2. 40 max revives
  3. 40 Razzberries
  4. 4 incense stick
  5. 4 lure modules
  6. 4 egg incubators
  7. 4 lucky eggs


Reaching to level 40 has its own perks as the player can continue playing the game by engaging in gym battles and catching the Pokémon.


Although Niantic, the game developer company, can launch new update and increase the maximum level of the Pokémon go game for now level 40 is the highest level in the game.


The game requires a lot more from your side and your participation in the game will help you to level faster. Even though you need to play regularly and keep up with any of the updates that have been launched, you can follow below tips to level up faster in the Pokémon go game –


  1. Locating and catching the Pokémon will for sure fill your Pokedex but it’ll only help you level up faster if you keep evolving your Pokémon and making them stronger. A strong Pokedex will help you in winning gym battles and defending the same.


  1. Pokémon go Pokémon can be traded for one Pokémon go trainer ID to another. Training a Pokémon received by trading will level up your Pokémon go account faster.


  1. Pokémon go buy Pokémon options have come up and you can directly buy a Pokémon go account if you’re not able to keep in pace with the recent updates and are not able to catch rare and strong Pokémon.


  1. Then lastly, you can go ahead with collecting as much stardust and candies as you can to evolve your Pokémon at a faster rate. Try all the methods of evolving the Pokémon and luring them into your area so that you can those Pokémon to later be evolved later.

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Different levels of Pokémon go game

Pokémon go game has seen the popularity chart before it saw the light of the day. The game has gone to make all the players crazy over locating and catching Pokémon. The Pokémon go account will brand you as a trainer and then your adventure starts. You’ll go around along with your virtual self to hunt Pokémon.


The Pokémon go account would make you a trainer and each trainer level has its different perks. The game would behave differently on different levels and there are a number of various features and items available at different trainer accounts.


Pokémon go account for sale usually starts from higher Pokémon go accounts such as level 20 or above. These higher levels provide a number of benefits to the buyer player. Pokémon go on sale makes it more important for players to reach higher levels like level 20 so that they can sell their Pokémon go account.

The highest level in the game is level 40 and level 40 Pokémon go account for sale is usually seen when the buyer player is willing just to acquire a number of features and items as after reaching level 40 the trainer account will get a lot of items added to his bag.


Let’s look at what different types of items are added to the trainer account at different higher levels –


  1. From going from one level to next level you’ll need experience points. And after going to another level you’re going get rewards of Pokeballs, potion, lure modules, revive, eggs, egg incubators, razzberry in different numbers.


  1. Reaching level 20 will get you 20 ultra balls, 20 hyper potions, 20 revive, 20 razzberry, 2 incense sticks, 2 lucky eggs, 2 egg incubators and 2 lure modules and this list will keep on increasing with every advancement to next level.


  1. Upon reaching higher levels after level 20 you’ll get the same items in different numbers till you reach level 25. To reach level 25 first you need a total experience of 710,000. And after reaching this level you’ll be rewarded with 25 ultra balls, 20 max potions, 15 revive, 15 pinap berries, lure modules, lucky eggs, eggs incubators and incense sticks in different numbers. The game will see a huge number of items being added to your bag after you start to play regularly and continue to go higher in levels.


  1. The last level, which is level 40 will require 20lakhs of experience points but will reward you with hefty items and a lot of features. After reaching level 40 you’ll find your bag to be full with 40 ultra balls, 40 max potions, 40 max revive, 40 razzberry, 4 incense sticks, 4 lucky eggs, 4 egg incubators, 4 lure modules. All these items are yours after you’ve reached level 40 in the game.

So, go ahead with playing the game and selling and buying cheap Pokémon go account of different levels to enjoy this amazing game to its fullest.

Factors affecting Pokémon go account

Pokémon go game saw the youth of the globe running and walking around to catch their favourite or other rare and unique Pokémon. The game reached another level with almost half of the world population playing the game. And since it’s release in 2016, the game has seen a huge number of new players being added and a lot of new updates.


The game was very much in the news but as the time went by old players started to feel that the game was becoming monotonous and they found it harder to catch rare and high combat power Pokémon after reaching level 20 and above and so they started to sell their high-level account for the money. Although the price of the Pokémon go account for sale does depend on other few factors too.

Let’s list down what are the factors that affect the price of a Pokémon go account –


  1. The trainer players Pokémon go account


First and foremost factor to affect the price of the Pokémon go account for sale is the account level.


The buyer will first enquire about the Pokémon go account level before looking deeper into other details of the account. And most of the times buyers are looking to get good deals on Pokémon go account which is of a level higher than 30 as these accounts provide them with other features and benefits. And that is why a Pokémon go account of level 40 for sale will see more interested customers looking to purchase it.


  1. Extra features and benefits


Pokémon go account has many features within itself include in-app purchases and these are what the buyer looks at after finalizing the Pokémon go account level.


The buyer will look deeply into the Pokedex, Pokémon CP level, number of candies, Stardust, berries and other lure modules along with eggs to finalize the purchase.


A Pokémon go account for sale needs to stand out in the market as the popularity of the game has seen so many people selling their account for the money.


  1. Gym badge


This interactive game allows a player to battle in the gym for a badge. A gym battle takes place between two opponents and the trainer who wins the battle also wins the badge along with the gym.


Gym badges show that the Pokémon of Pokedex is trained and powerful enough to defeat another Pokémon in the battle. Although the trainer’s skills are needed to engage in battle it still shows that a powerful Pokedex is a reason behind these many numbers of gym badges.


  1. The Pokémon go account buying platform


Pokémon go account for sale should be authentic and cheap and should have the best lowest possible price for that particular level to attract customers.

An online store which lists down authentic Pokémon go account for sale should be a player’s first priority before finalizing the purchase. And so purchasepokemon.com is listing out the highest account levels at the cheapest possible price for a player to buy a Pokémon go account and have fun playing the most sensational game of the century.

Things to look into an online platform before buying a Pokémon go account off it


Pokémon go game has seen a number of players come up to play it and still is seeing new players getting added to play the game. Players are on a lookout for new, rare, unique and powerful Pokémon and so most of them go around buying Pokémon go account to get an already established trainer account with all the necessary features. But before buying Pokémon go account it is better to search online at different platforms and then make a final decision of from where to buy the account.



Buying a Pokémon go account can become a tricky process if not done carefully and on a trusted platform. Let’s have a look at what options to consider before buying a Pokémon go account from an online platform –


  1. Look for a genuine online platform to buy a Pokémon go account. Because of the popularity of the game, a lot of websites have come up and are offering a number of Pokémon go account of different levels but always make sure to check the authenticity of the website before you buy a Pokémon go account off it. To check the authenticity of a website go a little bit doodling around the internet and gather as much information as you can about the website.


  1. Always look for the type of information that is provided on the website. Browse through the website and get to know how they provide this service and what kind of Pokémon go account levels they have in the stock. Always go to the website which it is transparent about its policies, services, and conditions.


  1. Pokémon go account has any number of features within it apart from catching and storing the Pokémon in Pokedex and always look for those features in the game before buying a specific Pokémon go account. A website needs to clear in what kind of features it gives in the account along with the level of the account mentioned.


  1. Always raise a query if you’re stuck anywhere in the process of buying a Pokémon go account. A genuine and authentic website will come forward to clear any of your queries and will also help you through the entire process of getting the account.


  1. Last but not the least but always read the terms and conditions, payment method and account deliver details before buying a Pokémon go account off of any online website. It is better to take required precautions instead of worrying about it later in case of any mishap.

As a beginner who’s is looking to buy a Pokémon go account and play the most sensational game it is advised to follow these instructions and proceed further with utmost caution. Buying a Pokémon go account for playing it and enjoying it will become much more fun if there is no malicious business associated with it.


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Popularity of Pokémon go game

As the Pokémon go game sees a groundbreaking popularity even after years of its release. It is important to see what makes this game so popular and why it has been one of the most played games in the history.


Pokémon go the game was released by Niantic in July of 2016 on Android and iOS platform and instantly hit it with millennials. The game is based upon a popular animation and thus holds a nostalgic value to all the players. And this is one of the reasons why the game became an instant hit around the world. Players from all around the world played the game, mostly, because it was attached to their childhood memories.



This game is a free-to-play reality game which is location-based and requires your mobile’s GPS to track down the Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Account

The popularity of the game can also be traced to fact that it requires you to go out in the open and walk around to locate and catch Pokémon.

After making a Pokémon go account, which actually does not require you to furnish many details and is fairly easy and simple, you, as a trainer, need to go around your town and catch Pokémon. Physical activity required for this game makes the player to ditch their glowing monitors.


The game is not difficult to understand. Your Pokémon go account just needs to be handled by locating, catching and trading your Pokémon and evolving them to make them strong and powerful.

It has also become popular as it brought the millennials together and formed a popular gaming community. The players are all off, almost, same age group and connect very well with each other because of this game. They will gather and host community gatherings and talk about their Pokémon go account and other account features.

Pokémon Go Account

One more reason as to why this game achieved popularity and success is people started to sell and buy Pokémon go account in order stay ahead of other game players and have rare, unique, strong and powerful Pokémon. The game has become so sensational that players have started to sell their high-level Pokémon go accounts to other players who’re not able to keep up with the regular updates and are not able to gather as much Pokémon they would like to catch. Buying a Pokémon go account allows them the freedom of buying it from anyone and thus acquiring Pokémon from a place that they might not be able to visit.


The game almost feels real and gives all of the controls and places a character in the game of the player’s choice. The trainer Pokémon go account will have a character of the player’s design and choice and will move along with their movement. This mirror replica of the player makes them feel that they’re in the actual game.


The game has a lot more features with new updates and Pokémon characters getting added which keeps the game interesting. It also connects players from all around the world having the same interest and thus providing them a platform to discuss their mutual interests.

How to catch rare Pokémon go Pokémon for buying or selling purpose

Rare Pokémon in Pokémon go are very difficult to locate and catch. But would surely add a bit of charm and make your pokedex strong. In many cases, rare Pokémon tend to be best in Pokémon go and buyer gamer would buy a Pokémon account which has rare Pokémon collection added in it. There are a hundreds of Pokémon out there but only a few are considered when it comes to buying and selling of Pokémon go account

Pokémon go is a virtual augmented game where the player is required to roam around in search of Pokémon go Pokémon and catch them using poke balls. After catching the Pokémon you’ll have to train, evolve and battle them in a gym fight.

Buy a Pokémon go account as a buyer gamer only when you’re fully satisfied with the Pokémon go account you are buying. See its level, pokedex collection and other required resources. 

Pokémon go Pokémon creatures are highly adored as this game brings the nostalgia back into our lives connected with our childhood memories. 

Let’s look at how to acquire rare Pokémon in Pokémon go game to fill up your pokedex and make your account more attractive when put up for sale. Your Pokémon go account for sale will see a surge in popularity if these rare Pokémon are in your collection. 

Dragonite is a powerful and strong Pokémon which is rarely spotted and hence is very difficult to catch. A Dragonite in your pokedex makes your Pokémon go account for sale a huge success. 

Dragonite is a dragon type Pokémon and there a numerous ways of catching Dragonite. 

You can evolve a Dratini into Dragonite or if you’re lucky enough you might find one these in one of your hatched eggs. 

Dragon type Pokémon are mostly found on streets and forest but the sightings are rare. 

Pokémon like Dragonite are certain sought after by buyer gamers. If you’re looking to buy a Pokémon go account or sell a Pokémon go account then a dragonite in the collection would surely increase your chances. 

Pikachu tops the list of most sought after rare Pokémon in Pokémon go.

Pikachu is a bug type Pokémon in Pokémon go. It mostly found near parks, bushes and railway tracks. 

A Pikachu in your pokedex increases the chances of selling your Pokémon go account.

Also, if you’re looking to buy a Pokémon go account then make sure that Pikachu is available in the Pokedex as at higher levels this electric Pokémon can help you in gym battles.

Exeggutor is a also a rare Pokémon which is accredited with the title of defeating a lot gym trainers. 

Exeggutor might be some player’s favorite Pokémon and they would surely look for this creature’s presence in the pokedex while buying a Pokémon go account

Pinsir and Scyther are also rare Pokémon.

All of these above Pokémon types are very rare and popular in Pokémon go game.

If these Pokémon are present in your Pokémon go account for sale then a buyer would not hesitate twice before buying your account. 

How to boost up your Pokémon go account

Your trainer’s level affects quite a lot of features in your Pokémon go account. Higher your trainer level account and stronger and rare Pokémon you’ve got, higher the increase in the combat power (CP) of your Pokémon. It is best to increase your trainer level Pokémon go account so as to efficiently reach higher levels and compete in gym battles and catch new and rare Pokémon. Also, someone looking to buy a Pokémon go account would surely be attracted towards your trainer account as it would have all the required features the buyer player is looking for.

Boosting up a Pokémon go account basically means to increase the trainer level account and continue to do so in order to encounter new Pokémon and other new resources available in the game.

Boosting up your trainer level is also one of the easiest ways to get your Pokémon go account sold. A Pokémon go account for sale is most likely to fetch gamers if the account is boosted up and is at a higher level.

Here are a few tricks on how you can boost up your Pokémon go account, either for yourself or for sale.

1. Capture as many Pokémon as you can

One of the easiest ways to boost up your Pokémon go account is to catch as many Pokémon as possible. These virtual creatures can either be of low level or high level. Later you can evolve them which is also one of the ways of boosting up your Pokémon go account.

A gamer looking to buy a Pokémon go account would surely be interested in your Pokedex collection. Your Pokedex collection is an attractive collection when it comes to selling or buying the gaming account.

Make sure to master how to throw a Pokeball in order to capture the Pokémon at one go otherwise you would end up wasting Pokeballs on one Pokémon.

2. Evolve your Pokémon

Boosting up your Pokémon go account by evolving your caught Pokémon is also one of the ways but you need to be careful while doing it.

Stardust and candies are most important resources in Pokémon go game and should be used wisely.

They’re available to every gamer and you would come to understand how to use it with time.

Also, it is advised to keep stardust and candies stashed up if you’re looking to sell your Pokémon go account because a buyer would want all these resources already available to him in his Pokémon go account. Evolving a Pokémon also helps you with gym battles and winning gym badges.

3. Hatch eggs and collect stardust

Every egg requires you to walk a certain amount of distance before it hatches. There are different types of incubators and eggs which hatch at different distance travel. These eggs provide you with Pokémon which you might not have caught or are difficult to locate.

Stardust collection is also an important resource to keep in your Pokémon go account as it provides you with the instant support of evolving your Pokémon.

Both of these options are best option to boost up your Pokémon go account and eventually put your Pokémon go account for sale if you’re looking to make some money using this game.

4. Rotate poke stops

Rotating a poke stop provides you with various resources that you would need in future if you’re planning on continuing the game.

Pokeballs, eggs, incense sticks will fill up your stock.

Doing the same thing during the Lucky eggs would earn you double experience.

5. Battle gyms

Train your Pokémon and make them stronger as to battle in gym fights. You can increase the combat power of your Pokémon by evolving them or training them against other stronger Pokémon.

Battling a trainer gym in Pokémon go game will earn you 100 XP. Defeating the trainer would get you 150 XP.

Owning a gym after defeating the trainer account would get you on the right path of selling your Pokémon go account.

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A brief story of buying and selling Pokémon go account

Imagine yourself as a game character running around, exploring, locating and catching virtual creatures and later on battling them in battles. These creatures fill up your collection and you also have the privilege of growing and evolving them from one stage to another and continuing on your journey of finding more rare, unique and strong creatures.

These creatures are Pokémon and you’ll be the game character handling all the scenarios described above. You’ll have your own virtual self in the game who moves along with your movement.

After reaching a certain high level ranging from 20 to 34, you can also opt for putting your Pokémon go account for sale. All your caught Pokémon, collected resources would be transferred to the buyer gamer for a certain amount of money you have quoted. You can start from the beginning as there are options to create new Pokémon go account and continue playing and enjoying the game as before and put the new Pokémon go account for sale. This saga can continue as long as you want it to. This option provides you with an opportunity to sell your work for money and the game proves to be not only an experience but also a good investment.

Selling of Pokémon go account has become famous among gamers as they higher levels and find it repetitive and want the same excitement it gave when they have started the game. So, instead of just deactivating their Pokémon go account and making a new one gamers started to sell their Pokémon go account to buyer gamers who’re looking to buy higher level Pokémon go account.

But before putting a Pokémon go account for sale it is necessary to know how to make your Pokémon go account reach the market value, which is described in other blog posts.

Selling a Pokémon go account is tricky at first you would need to reach a certain higher level of your trainer account and along with it make sure to keep up all the other resources of the game stacked up as to list is down to the buyer gamer.

As a buyer gamer you must be looking first at the level of the Pokémon go account you’re buying. But there’s more to it. Buying a Pokémon go account is not just about the level of the Pokémon go account but also the contents of it. A Pokémon go account for sale should have a collection of stardust and candies, few lure modules, eggs and incubators, rare and unique Pokémon go Pokémon. Make sure to get all the information about the account before buying a Pokémon go account.

Buying a Pokémon go account is very much necessary for those gamers who’re very much drawn towards the game but could not keep up with the recent updates and new Pokémon addition to the game. Buying a Pokémon go account helps them in having the latest Pokémon from different places in their without having to travel to those places.

So, continue playing the game and helping your fellow gamer by buying and selling the Pokémon go account.

Why should you consider buying a Pokémon go account?

If you’ve not been living under the rock for past few years, you might be aware of this popular game Pokémon go and how it has taken the world by storm with its popularity.

The game is very much liked by Young players and has also gained fame when the gamers started to sell Pokémon go accounts.

The selling of Pokémon go account started with the fact that many a player found the game monotonous when they reached higher levels and started to sell their Pokémon go account for real money as they reach a higher level. Later, instead of just level of the trainer account, other features such as Pokémon in Pokedex and other resources were considered while putting a Pokémon go account for sale.

The buying of Pokémon go account earned acclaim when the players found it harder to catch Pokémon of all the types. The game requires you to travel around, locate and catch Pokémon and travel towards near poke stop to collect poker balls and other game resources.

Buying a Pokémon go account helps the players from one country to acquire Pokémon from another country without actually traveling to that place.

Apart from above, there are a lot more other reasons to buy a Pokémon go account. These reasons are why the buying of this game is popular.

Buying a Pokémon go account is useful if you want to reach a higher level in the game soon and continue playing from that level onwards. A buyer gamer can get hold of his bought account in just a few minutes.

Also, as this game requires you to travel around your neighborhood you might not get new Pokémon in the same neighborhood thus buying a Pokémon go account makes sure that your Pokedex is full of a variety of Pokémon.

Pokémon go game is very famous all around the world and has since become competitive. Thus, a higher level account also helps you in battling gym trainers and defeating them eventually becoming a gym owner yourself. If you continue to play the game from your bought account you can sell your Pokémon go account later after you reach a little higher in the game.

A lot of gamers also buy a Pokémon go account to sell it later to another gamer.

A lot of players who’re looking to buy a Pokémon go account also do so in the thought of getting lot more resources like lure modules, Stardust, and candies which would help the gamer in evolving the Pokémon he already has.

Selling a Pokémon go account became famous when players started to reach higher levels without any further new exciting developments to look forward. Also, this helps a few gamers in making some money.

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When to use stardust and Pokémon candy

Stardust is a valuable resource available in Pokémon go game which increases the chances of your Pokémon go account of being sold. Selling a Pokémon go account basically depends on few factors such as the amount of stardust present in your Pokémon go account, rare Pokémon registered in your Pokedex, lure modules, incense sticks and eggs. More the amount of mentioned valuables are available in your Pokémon go account more the chances of your Pokémon go account going up for sale.

Candies are just like stardust resource except for the fact that these small things are used in the game to evolve a particular Pokémon. One type of candy can be used only to evolve one species of Pokémon.

Both Stardust and candies are earned by catching a Pokémon but may vary in amount. Candies are scarce when compared to stardust.

Both the resources are useful if you’re planning to reach a higher level in the game to put your Pokémon go account for sale.

Player looking to buy a Pokémon go account would surely be attracted towards the level of your Pokémon go account and the other resources that you might be providing along with your account.

Putting a Pokémon go account to buyers requires you to take it to a higher level so as to make it saleable. Here are a few tips on how to use stardust and candies to evolve your Pokémon and take your Pokémon go account to a higher level.

1. When and how to use stardust

Using this valuable resource is a tricky business as it is advised not to use this resource unless you’re making use of it to its full potential.

Evolving a Pokémon from one certain level to another requires a different amount of stardust. For example, evolving a Pokémon from level 1 to 2 require 200 stardust but from level 2 to 3 it would need 400 stardust. Thus, it is advised to use this resource only on Pokémon which are very rare and important to evolve.

It is better to keep it till you catch several types of Pokémon or hatch the Pokémon from an egg.

Also, if you’re looking to put your account for sale then it is better to save the stardust as to make your Pokemon go account attractive to buy.

2. When and how to use candies

Candies work just like stardust but with a bit of twist. Candies are unique to a Pokémon species and can be used to evolve only that particular type of Pokémon. Candies are rare and should be used wisely only when they’re really necessary.

You can also earn candies by transferring the Pokémon to the professor. For every transfer, you’ll be given one candy and that will be added to the bunch of candies you already have for that particular Pokémon.

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Go ahead and buy a pokemon go account of your choice.