How to catch rare Pokémon go Pokémon for buying or selling purpose

Rare Pokémon in Pokémon go are very difficult to locate and catch. But would surely add a bit of charm and make your pokedex strong. In many cases, rare Pokémon tend to be best in Pokémon go and buyer gamer would buy a Pokémon account which has rare Pokémon collection added in it. There are a hundreds of Pokémon out there but only a few are considered when it comes to buying and selling of Pokémon go account

Pokémon go is a virtual augmented game where the player is required to roam around in search of Pokémon go Pokémon and catch them using poke balls. After catching the Pokémon you’ll have to train, evolve and battle them in a gym fight.

Buy a Pokémon go account as a buyer gamer only when you’re fully satisfied with the Pokémon go account you are buying. See its level, pokedex collection and other required resources. 

Pokémon go Pokémon creatures are highly adored as this game brings the nostalgia back into our lives connected with our childhood memories. 

Let’s look at how to acquire rare Pokémon in Pokémon go game to fill up your pokedex and make your account more attractive when put up for sale. Your Pokémon go account for sale will see a surge in popularity if these rare Pokémon are in your collection. 

Dragonite is a powerful and strong Pokémon which is rarely spotted and hence is very difficult to catch. A Dragonite in your pokedex makes your Pokémon go account for sale a huge success. 

Dragonite is a dragon type Pokémon and there a numerous ways of catching Dragonite. 

You can evolve a Dratini into Dragonite or if you’re lucky enough you might find one these in one of your hatched eggs. 

Dragon type Pokémon are mostly found on streets and forest but the sightings are rare. 

Pokémon like Dragonite are certain sought after by buyer gamers. If you’re looking to buy a Pokémon go account or sell a Pokémon go account then a dragonite in the collection would surely increase your chances. 

Pikachu tops the list of most sought after rare Pokémon in Pokémon go.

Pikachu is a bug type Pokémon in Pokémon go. It mostly found near parks, bushes and railway tracks. 

A Pikachu in your pokedex increases the chances of selling your Pokémon go account.

Also, if you’re looking to buy a Pokémon go account then make sure that Pikachu is available in the Pokedex as at higher levels this electric Pokémon can help you in gym battles.

Exeggutor is a also a rare Pokémon which is accredited with the title of defeating a lot gym trainers. 

Exeggutor might be some player’s favorite Pokémon and they would surely look for this creature’s presence in the pokedex while buying a Pokémon go account

Pinsir and Scyther are also rare Pokémon.

All of these above Pokémon types are very rare and popular in Pokémon go game.

If these Pokémon are present in your Pokémon go account for sale then a buyer would not hesitate twice before buying your account.