How to boost up your Pokémon go account

Your trainer’s level affects quite a lot of features in your Pokémon go account. Higher your trainer level account and stronger and rare Pokémon you’ve got, higher the increase in the combat power (CP) of your Pokémon. It is best to increase your trainer level Pokémon go account so as to efficiently reach higher levels and compete in gym battles and catch new and rare Pokémon. Also, someone looking to buy a Pokémon go account would surely be attracted towards your trainer account as it would have all the required features the buyer player is looking for.

Boosting up a Pokémon go account basically means to increase the trainer level account and continue to do so in order to encounter new Pokémon and other new resources available in the game.

Boosting up your trainer level is also one of the easiest ways to get your Pokémon go account sold. A Pokémon go account for sale is most likely to fetch gamers if the account is boosted up and is at a higher level.

Here are a few tricks on how you can boost up your Pokémon go account, either for yourself or for sale.

1. Capture as many Pokémon as you can

One of the easiest ways to boost up your Pokémon go account is to catch as many Pokémon as possible. These virtual creatures can either be of low level or high level. Later you can evolve them which is also one of the ways of boosting up your Pokémon go account.

A gamer looking to buy a Pokémon go account would surely be interested in your Pokedex collection. Your Pokedex collection is an attractive collection when it comes to selling or buying the gaming account.

Make sure to master how to throw a Pokeball in order to capture the Pokémon at one go otherwise you would end up wasting Pokeballs on one Pokémon.

2. Evolve your Pokémon

Boosting up your Pokémon go account by evolving your caught Pokémon is also one of the ways but you need to be careful while doing it.

Stardust and candies are most important resources in Pokémon go game and should be used wisely.

They’re available to every gamer and you would come to understand how to use it with time.

Also, it is advised to keep stardust and candies stashed up if you’re looking to sell your Pokémon go account because a buyer would want all these resources already available to him in his Pokémon go account. Evolving a Pokémon also helps you with gym battles and winning gym badges.

3. Hatch eggs and collect stardust

Every egg requires you to walk a certain amount of distance before it hatches. There are different types of incubators and eggs which hatch at different distance travel. These eggs provide you with Pokémon which you might not have caught or are difficult to locate.

Stardust collection is also an important resource to keep in your Pokémon go account as it provides you with the instant support of evolving your Pokémon.

Both of these options are best option to boost up your Pokémon go account and eventually put your Pokémon go account for sale if you’re looking to make some money using this game.

4. Rotate poke stops

Rotating a poke stop provides you with various resources that you would need in future if you’re planning on continuing the game.

Pokeballs, eggs, incense sticks will fill up your stock.

Doing the same thing during the Lucky eggs would earn you double experience.

5. Battle gyms

Train your Pokémon and make them stronger as to battle in gym fights. You can increase the combat power of your Pokémon by evolving them or training them against other stronger Pokémon.

Battling a trainer gym in Pokémon go game will earn you 100 XP. Defeating the trainer would get you 150 XP.

Owning a gym after defeating the trainer account would get you on the right path of selling your Pokémon go account.

On you would find a wide range of Pokémon go account available for sale. All of the of higher levels. You can continue playing your game without any wait as the account would be delivered to you instantly.