The newest Pokemon GO features

You have to hand it to Nintendo: they know how to make money out of their originals IPs
even when they do not fully own them. The video game giant owns only 32% of the
Pokemon brand and even under those conditions the franchise has been a money-making
machine for Nintendo for a long time now. The ultimate Pokemon experience you can find
to understand the craze is Pokemon Go an enhanced reality game that allows you to
collect the pocket monsters using your smart device.

One of the few tidbits of information you need to know about Pokemon Go are the
following: the game is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, totaling nearly 500
million downloads just in 2016, the year when it was released. There are currently 147
million active Pokemon Go players around the world, and the game has generated to this
date at least 3 billion dollars in profit to Nintendo and Niantic, the partner development.
The game itself, follow a very simple premise: You need to catch them all!

The easy way to understand this is to see one of the near-infinite numbers of Pokemon
episodes from the long-running cartoon show that has been airing since 1998. You re a
trainer and you have to hunt down and collect Pokemon using little devices called
Pokeballs. These little balls store your monsters, and they can be used later for duels. The
main purpose of the game, however, is to hunt the little creatures and build the most
extensive gallery of Pokemon as you care for them.

With many players coming and going, the game has changed quite a bit since the original
release, in the following lines we are going to check a few new features that have changed
the dynamics of the game for the better when you create or renew your Pokemon Go
account. The guide is constructive for newcomers, but if you are a returning player, it can
help you gain some perspective on how much it has changed since the last time you fired
up the app. Let’s take a look!


  • Contact List, Trading and Gifts Features

Just last year Pokemon Go finally embraced the social side of building a Pokemon army. As
it happens in many social networks, you can now befriend other players in the game using
your in-game name. You can have up to 200 contacts on your list. The list of contacts is
built as you accept friend requests. Once you accept, you get to see the catches of your
contacts as well as the battles they have faced and other stats such as a win or lost

If you are building a list of rivals, you can keep track of how much Pokemon each one of
them have caught, as well as how many they have at their disposal to duel. There is also a
rating system among your contact that opens new milestones that can help you advance
in the game. The levels of Friendship available are “Good Friend,” “Great Friend,” “Ultra
Friend,” and “Best Friend.” Each one of these levels unlocks different bonuses such as
reduction on Stardust costs used for trades, the ability to deliver more damage on gym
battles with a friend, and the use of extra Premiere Balls on open raids.

When you visit Pokestops, they will drop gifts that can be sent to your contacts. These
gifts include postcards from your current location as well as items that can be found in
that spot. Bonus stardust is also a great gift to have. If you wish, you manage gifts to
delete anything that clutters your inventory. Sending gifts helps your XP points since you
will earn 200 more XP for sending one. The ultimate gift is the one designed to make you
the lucky winner of rare Pokemon if you open gifts containing special eggs.
Trading is finally available for players who can increase their collection of Pokemon by
sending their spares in convenient trades with your contact list. The only setback is that
you can’t work the feature with long distance players as it only works with anyone that is
200mts within reach from you. You could win extra candy bonuses if the Pokemon you are
getting on a trade were caught far from your actual location.


  • Player versus Battles

One of the most critiqued aspects of Pokemon Go was the inability to have your Pokemon
do something aside from being caught in your Pokeballs. Nintendo has finally heard the
complaint of players by adding PVP Battles. To begin a trainer battle you just need to scan
a battle code. Those can be found in a new menu located at the low right corner on the
screen of your smart device. The icon to find raids is usually in place there as well, so it’s
hard to miss. If someone is offering a challenge for open combat, you can scan the code to
begin the battle.

As you can imagine the only limitation at the moment is the possibility to play battles with
someone standing next to you. The need to scan the QR code provided to do battle makes
it hard for long distance players to engage in it. High-level friends on your contact list in
the ultra and best levels don’t have this problem, but they will need a speedy internet
connection to make it work. The battles are played out as it happens in the show: each
trainer can hold up to three pokeballs and the last man standing with even one Pokemon

As it happens in the cartoon, you can only do battles with people that is evenly matched
with you, on any of the three leagues available: The Great League, were Pokemon must
have a level of 1,500 CP or under to participate. There is also the Ultra League, in this one
the little creatures should have at least 2,500 CP to participate. Finally, there is the Master
League, in this one your doesn’t need CP limits. The best way to win is by using the fastest
moves of your Pokemon to allow the little monsters to build enough energy to unleash
charge attacks.


  • Weather Features, and More Pokemon Presence

When you play video games, the last thing in your mind is the weather. With Pokemon Go,
knowing the weather is almost a necessity. The game changes the outlook where you can
hunt down Pokemon by having direct interacting with the weather. Since more Pokemon
have been included, you need to check constantly is the weather to make sure that it
favors your hunt or the raid that is taking place with your friends. The game works with
eight different climate estates: sunny, clear (for nights), windy, snowy, rainy, cloudy,
partly cloudy, and foggy.


  • Research Feature

You can find this feature on the main screen. It’s identified with a pair of binoculars on the
bottom of the screen to access it. You can find two options to handle research. The first
one is field research, which you can do a few times a day. It includes a few basic tasks such
as hatching eggs or catching a specific type of Pokemon. You can complete them through
your day. If you finish the tasks of the day, you can get new ones by spinning on any
PokeStop. You can have three pending tasks at once. Once completed you get a reward
such as items or the chance to catch a hard to find Pokemon.

The second type of research in the game is the special ones. This play mode is very close
to a history mode on Pokemon Go. In Special research, you are handed a single mission
that includes multiples tasks, and each one of them will reward you. Most of the tasks
have certain levels of complexity and are very difficult to complete on your own. They
include the hunt for mythical Pokemon such as Mew, Celebi, or Spiritomb. Special
missions are handled alongside Professor Willow. The character will be there at the end of
each task to deliver new information on the upcoming tasks and to make sure you are
doing ok.


  • Legendary Pokemon and Raid Battles

Pokemon Go is kept very dynamic with the raid battles that happen across locations at
every moment. If a new campaign is about to break close to you, you get a message that
will reveal certain information about the party participating in it. You can find a raid
before they begin the boss battle. The egg on top of the gym marks the appearance of the
boss they will face. There are currently five tiers on raids. The colors of the eggs can tell
you how difficult to beat is the Pokemon they are about to face.

Battling raid bosses can be pretty easy or extremely difficult if you don’t know the
mechanics behind the attacks of Pokemon. Old school player can make the relation at the
way each weapon you obtain in Mega-Man affects each boss. In Pokemon Go, you have
almost the same principles. A fire powered Pokemon is very weak against one bearing
water powers. An electric powered Pokemon can’t hold a candle against earth powered
ones. These basic rules can take you really far on each boss battle.

After beating the raid boss, you win raid-related items, and the chance to challenge, the
Legendary Pokemon you just fought to make him part of your army. Be ready to do battle
with the little items you have at hand as well as what you earned after the raid. If you are
offered Premiere Pokeballs after the group raid, be sure to snatch them up. You will need
them since these are the only items that can help you captures these type of creatures.
Keep in mind that if you don’t have enough Pokeballs, the battle will be lost, but if you
win, and you are left with spares, you won’t be able to take them with you.


  • Even More Pokemon to Hunt!

Pokemon Go started out with the Kanto generation of pocket monsters. Those are the
first 151 original Pokemon Go that appeared in the first season up until the first film of the
franchise. Since 2016 to the present the game has been updated to include all the
Pokemon available up until the Shinnoh generation. As of this moment, you can hunt and
collect 464 Pokemon in the game. Some of them are pretty hard to find and can only be
snatched on battle raids or by playing both research modes. Some players feel distraught
at the fact that there are reports that certain Pokemon can only be found in particular
parts of the real world.


  • The Lucky Pokemon

After the introduction of the trading feature, Pokemon Go released “Lucky Pokemon.” A
Lucky Pokemon is one that requires very low levels of stardust to be powered up, as a
result, the player doesn’t need to spend a lot on him to reach maximum potential or even
evolve. You can only get a Lucky Pokemon when you trade with another player. It’s also a
cause of consideration for many players since the ones who have the best chance to
become Lucky Pokemon at the hand of another player are the ones that you hold the
longest on your collection.

It’s easy to see how this move can backfire on you if the Pokemon traded ends up at the
hands of a rival. Lucky Pokemon are easily identifiable because they get a sparkly
background. They also scale grades pretty quickly and earn good stats in shorter periods
of time. Top this with the reduced Stardust intake, and you could be handling over a tool
for easy wins to someone else. Luckily you can also end up with a few of them if you trade,
so there is no significant risk here if you are used to transactions.


  • A feature to Send Pokemon from “Go” to “Let’s Go”

Back at the end of 2018, Nintendo released “Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Pokemon:
Let’s Go Eevee the two games are exclusive ports to the Nintendo Switch and the first
Pokemon games on the platform. The location of the game is in the Kanto region, so you
can find all the original 151 Pokemon. Pokemon Go players can get some benefits on
these new games since the mainframe of both ports is compatible with Pokemon Go. The
meaning of this? Simple, you can send Pokemon from your smartphone to the Nintendo

The only issue with this move is that it’s a one-way trip for the Pokemon you send. That’s
right; you won’t be able to get it back, so make sure you are not letting go of something
special before you start the process. The Pokemon you transfer from Go will land on a
special spot in the Switch game called “The Go Park” When you enter here, he will be in
wild state, and you will have to catch him again. Once he’s captured, all the stats of the
little creature will be adjusted to fit with the six stats system of “Let’s Go.” Don’t worry
though, your Pokemon will not be depowered, but he will be able to increase his previous
stats even further.