Pokemon GO accounts for sale

Pokemon GO accounts for sale

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About Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is a free to play a game that was developed and launched by Niantic for both Android and iOS devices.

It is an augmented reality game and it is also location based. The game is basically based on the famous cartoon series Pokemon.

What the players basically have to do is to find the Pokemon in their locality catch them using the Pokéballs and train them for fights.

It is a very engaging game and people of all age groups all over the world love playing it.

The virtual creatures appear on the screen just like they are present in the real world.

The GPS of the players mobile is used in the game and players can search the area to find the Pokemon that are available in their neighborhood.

This is one of the best mobile phone games as it also promotes physical activity and actual human interaction. After the game was released people started going out more and interacting with each other by having Pokemon battles and making teams.


One of the first things that you do after installation of the game is to make your own avatar.

The avatar is then displayed on the map in the game and moves on the game’s map as you move in the real world.

As you explore the map you will find different PokeStops and Pokemon gyms. Different Pokemon are scatted at different places in the world and the player has to move around to find different species of Pokemon.

As you progress in the game you start getting experience points or XP for performing differently in-game activities.

As your XP increases your level in the game also increases and you are able to unlock more features and options.

After you reach level 5 you will be given the choice to choose one from the three teams and you will also be allowed to have Pokemon Battles at the Pokemon gyms.

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