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Pokemon GO popularity

Its popularity has always gone up without sliding no matter what the new updates or new pokemon additions have come. And its popularity is what makes players and gamers indulge and enjoy this virtual reality augmented game to its fullest.

This particular article will tell you how to start the game as a new pokemon go gamer and go ahead with mastering the game and becoming a Pokemon go the best trainer.

To know how to start with this spectacular experience, first, you’ll need to install this game in your mobile phone and register yourself as a trainer.

Registering in and making a Pokemon go account will provide you with a number of benefits that are available only for the registered game users. So, now let’s start with how you can become the best trainer from a rookie.

Make a Pokemon go account

There are two ways of registering yourself as a trainer and becoming a part of this gamer franchise.

First, you can install the game on your Android or IOS device and follow the mentioned instructions that you need to follow to register yourself as a trainer.

Second, browse to the official website of the Pokemon go game and go the option ‘Join’ which will redirect you to the register page.

Both of these two options require you to follow the same instructions to register yourself.

1. Provide your birth date and the country you reside in and click on continue.
2. Fill all the mandatory fields on the next page, like your name, email address and other information that the game requires for a smooth run in your mobile phone.
3. Verify the email address that you’ve registered with and continue with the game that you’ve just started.

Choose an avatar for your account

This game is unique in its features. It has an option where you can choose an avatar, the character who’ll be playing you inside the game.

This feature will, by default, ask you to design your trainer self in the game the first time to enter this virtual reality but after you’ve started to play you can go back and select a particular option if you wish to change your style.

From choosing a different hairstyle, skin tones, shirts, backpacks, footwear and more, this feature allows you to become your own designer and make an amazing entry to the game.

Customize your avatar

1. In the MAP view, select the Trainer profile icon and then select the option Style.
2. Select the category that you wish to change, i.e skin tone, backpack, hairstyle, shirt, bottom wear, eye color, belt and many more.
3. Once you’ve selected your choice of design, you can go back and change another appearance feature of the character.
4. Click on Close after you’re done redesigning your game character.

After your little spree with designing your game character, it’ll change its appearance and come out in the same way you intend it to.

Master the game

Throw the right curve Pokeball, capture the rarest and high CP pokemon, find new Pokeballs and eggs, walk around and win gym battles, master all these and you’ll be glad that you registered for a game which pushes you to go in the wild.

Mastering this virtual game requires the best thinking capability, the best ball throwing technique and the patience that is needed to survive this game.

Start with small and take baby steps to reach the highest peak of this game. Once you’re comfortable with handling the Pokeballs and not letting the Pokemon run away you can start with learning about the various features of the game and how you can use it for your own benefit.

Pokemon go game features

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, features of this game keep changing and keeping yourself updated with these diverse features will only work for your benefit. Explore the features of this game and know how catching and training a Pokemon is just the start of this highly branched game.

Collect all the required items

Whether you’re walking around to level up your trainer account or put your Pokemon go account for sale, you’ll need to focus on collecting a few required items and using them.

Collecting these items will get you more Pokemon and also money if you’re putting your trainer Pokemon go account for sale.

Items that are available in the game and make your gaming life easier

1. Fast and charged TMs – these two items can be earned only by participating in raid and gym battles. These items are known to replace a Pokemon’s old attack with new moves. They’re fairly useful when it comes to battling in gym battles and earning badges.

2. Berries – there are a number of berries available in the game pinap berry, nanab berry, razzberry and golden berry. All these berries have different functions of their own when fed to a Pokemon.

3. Incense stick – this particular item in the game is used to lure a Pokemon to the gamer’s spot. This means that you don’t always need to move around in order to locate and capture Pokemon.

4. Eggs – this item can be collected at a poke stop and hatches only when a certain amount of distance is covered by the gamer. Eggs are an easy and sure shot way of collecting more pokemon without having to run behind them and pokemon hatched from an egg can also be that one rare pokemon that you might not have been able to locate in the wild.

5. Incubators – only those eggs hatch and give you a new pokemon which are incubated in the incubators. There are various types of incubators and all of them have their different function. Incubators can also be collected from a poke stop just like an egg.

6. Pokedex – it is the place where all your unique pokemon resides. When you catch one type of Pokemon for the first time it gets registered in the Pokedex thus markings its way into your trainer account. And primarily, this is the first thing a buyer notices while buying a pokemon go account.

Summing it up

All of these items are readily available but their proper usage to level up your trainer pokemon go accounts eBay and evolve a pokemon is what matters the most.

There is a lot number of items available in the game and in the shop that this game inhabits. Items available in the shop can be bought with coins in the game or for real money but all of these items will work for the benefit of you as a gamer. And if in future you ever decide to put your Pokemon go account for sale then it is suggested to not leave these amazing items behind while proceeding with the game.

Navigate the virtual game map

Now that you’ve registered yourself as a trainer and you’re familiar with throwing a ball and all the main and required items of the game go ahead with exploring the virtual space where all these pokemon reside. Navigate the map and locate the Pokemon and capture them. Move your game character around and find poker stops. Pokestops are the major places where you can collect Pokeballs, berries, eggs, and incense sticks. All of these which can be used in the game to level up.

Navigating the map is mainly about running behind a pokemon and not letting it run away or fly away from you. Who do you think will buy pokemon go accounts eBay if the account does not have a diverse range if captured pokemon. One more reason to walk around and navigate the map is simply to hatch an egg. The egg which you collected from a poke stop will hatch after walking for certain kilometers, say 3km or 5km. All you need to do is to keep the egg in an incubator and walk the number of kilometers that are required.

Now, to walk on a path which makes other gamers buy Pokemon go accounts eBay from you in the future you need to throw your first Pokeball and capture a pokemon. After you’ve located a pokemon you can click on it and this click will enable you to throw a ball at the Pokemon. Make sure to throw the ball when the Pokemon is in steady state and is not jumping or flying around rigorously.

You might miss a few chances but eventually, you’ll capture the first ever pokemon by throwing a perfect curveball. As locating and capturing of the Pokemon is the primary aim of this game, you need to learn how to do the same if you want to fill up your Pokedex with new and rare pokemon with higher CP.

Why buy Pokemon go accounts eBay?

As the popularity of the game increased, the business related to this game increased too.

Gamers started to buy Pokemon go accounts eBay in order to stay updated without having to spend a numerous number of hours in locating and capturing the Pokemon.

A pokemon go accounts eBay which has all the high CP pokemon and rare pokemon from different places is a good buy when it comes to acquiring a pokemon go accounts eBay.

If you’re still not satisfied as to why you should sell your Pokemon account then it is better to continue playing the game and see how it becomes repetitive and how new players will flock behind you once they come to know that you’re an expert with a higher level Pokemon go account.

Why gamers put their Pokemon go accounts eBay for sale?

This game reaches to the highest level of 40 and then the game ends.

Also, with time and locating and capturing of the Pokemon becomes monotonous and quite boring so a number of gamers start over again from the beginning and put their old higher level Pokemon go account for sale. Selling of the account has a number of benefits for the gamers who are selling it and for the gamer who’s buying it.

From getting hard cash by selling their account to starting over and experiencing the same thrill of locating and capturing the Pokemon, selling the account has a lot of benefits.

What did you learn – a short trip around the game

If you’re a beginner at this game then you can now consider yourself to be aware of the basic rules, items, and moves that you need to play this game.

But with the time you’ll learn how to battle in gym battles and earn badges and how you can defend the gym you’ve won by defeating another pokemon. You’ll also get to know how you can evolve your Pokemon and how their power and fighting ability will help you to win a gym.


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