Pokemon GO account recovery

How to do a Pokemon GO account recovery?

You’re looking to Pokemon GO account recovery? We will help you out for sure. There’s a few steps you need to do in order to get your Pokemon GO account recovered. The easiest and most useful way is to contact Niantic about your Pokemon GO account. You can use their contact form

Starting over

You’ve started the best game ever if you’re playing the Pokemon go game.

Memories related to this game goes way back to childhood days for millennials and with our business-mindedness, we, millennials, have also started to trade pokemon go account for the money.

So, if you’re planning on stepping into the shoes of gamer and then a business, then it is best that you go through this article because it combines the game features with the business features and tells you what you need to know in order to flourish in this area.

Also, knowing about a game which you’re going to master will only make you the best gamer.

Start with knowing the Pokemon in your Pokemon go account

The first stepping stone is to know about the primary characters of this game which are the Pokemon.

These little virtual creatures will make you run behind them but will also make this game enjoyable for you.

You can connect these little adorable creatures to your childhood show, Pokemon, which the game is based on. In this particular section of the article, you’ll learn about these characters and their types and species and how you can locate and capture them in your pokemon go account.

So, starting with the main characters of the game seems legit, doesn’t it?

Types of Pokemon

You already know that these are the creatures which available in the wild for your game character to locate and capture but these virtual creatures are not all of the same types.

Your Pokemon go account has a Pokedex which registers a new pokemon after it is caught but it also shares the information about the type of the Pokemon you’ve caught.

To be straightforward, there are a number of different type of Pokemon and their type defines their species which in turn defines their attacks and location in the wild.

The types of Pokemon and species present are –
1. Rock type
2. Water type
3. Electric-type
4. Fire type
5. Psychic-type
6. Leaf type, and many more.

It is estimated that around 807 types of Pokemon species are present but not all of these species are present in the game but having the maximum number of these pokemon in your pokedex will mage gamers buy the pokemon go account.

Pokemon location

Now, that you’re aware of what Pokemon are and what type of Pokemon are present generally in the game, let’s look at where these wild creatures could be found. Your Pokemon go account has a number of amazing features and one of the best features is the map. The map guides your game character and shows any nearby Pokemon. But not all the Pokemon will be located in the same place.

For example, you’re more likely to find a water type pokemon near a water body and a leaf type pokemon near or in a park or a green area.

Pokemon sightings are more frequent at places like a lake, a park, a big public area, or a canal but for capturing a rare pokemon you also need to go to a rare place which you’ll come to know in the upcoming sections of this article.

Fill your Pokedex with rare pokemon in the Pokemon go account

Registering a pokemon in Pokedex is not a big task but registering a rare pokemon and locating them and then capturing is the task which a gamer has to become expert in.

Rare pokemon can be available at rocky places, at a public swimming pool or a mall. Places like an airport, coffee shops and restaurants too can inhabit rare pokemon but it’s not necessary then you’ll come across one.

Rare pokemon sightings are rare too and if you come across one don’t let it flee because your pokemon go account for sale will need one. So, there’s a way how you can capture a rare pokemon if one comes in front of you.

Catch a rare pokemon

Locating and capturing a rare pokemon in the game is rare but you can follow a few tips if you want to increase your chances of catching one. In case you come across a rare pokemon feed a few berries to make it dizzy so that there is a low chance of it running away.

Use a power ball if you have got that in your collection and capture the Pokemon. Don’t let the Pokemon fly away and use all the necessary items you’ve in your list to catch it as gamers are more likley to buy Pokemon go account which has a rare pokemon.

Know the names of the rare pokemon
1. Dratini
2. Geodude
3. Sandshrew
4. Dragonite
5. Onix
6. Omanyte
7. Cyndaquill
All of the above Pokemon can either be in their first form or the evolved nature of their first form but are rare and their sightings are not always frequent in the map. And the best part about locating and capturing these rare pokemon is that your Pokemon go account for sale will see a huge number of buyers flocking to you to buy pokemon go account.

Rare Pokemon helps your Pokemon go account

Having a rare pokemon registered in your Pokedex is one of the sure shot ways of attracting a number of Pokemon go players who’re willing to buy Pokemon go account.

When your Pokemon go account for sale reaches the right buyers they’ll first and foremost check the number of Pokemon you’ve and the number of unique pokemon you’ve registered in your Pokedex.

Having checked this they’ll for sure show interest in buying your Pokemon go account if it has a diverse range of Pokemon and also a handful of rare Pokemon.

Along with increasing your popularity rare pokemon in your account’s Pokedex will also help you level up your pokemon go account which in turn will attract more gamers to buy pokemon go account.

Now that you’re aware of the Pokemon, their species, their sightings and the rare pokemon, it is time to learn about which type of Pokemon uses what attack and defense mechanism in order to win a battle in Pokemon go account.

This knowledge of yours will help you earn gym badges by defeating the defender pokemon. As different types of Pokemon use different attacks and their evolved form uses even more other types of attacks, it is better to know the basic attack and defense mechanism which will prove beneficial for you in the game.

Pokemon defense and attack mechanisms vary depending on their type and thus knowing which Pokemon has which attack as their best and which type of Pokemon is good against another pokemon type will be better in this game in your pokemon go account.

Electric-type Pokemon

Pokemon species which exhibit electrical properties and have a better defense against flying and water type pokemon come under this category.

Pokemon under this particular section are Pikachu, voltorb, electrode, Pichu, flaaffy, electrike and many more.

They don’t fair well against ground type pokemon but are fairly good against flying type pokemon such as pidgey, butterfree, zubat, doduo, crobat and others and water type pokemon such as poliwag, seel, Krabby, seadra, staryu, Magikarp and other water type pokemon. Pokemon go account for sale will need these in your pokedex.

Water type pokemon

Water type pokemon have abilities to damage their opponent using their water attacks. They work much better against ground type, rock type, and fire type pokemon species. Their water attacks don’t work as much effective against electric and grass type pokemon. Squirtle, Gyarados, Magikarp, Kyogre, Blastoise, Golduck, Wartortle and Psyduck.

These pokemon are very strong and pokemon of this type can also learn ice type moves which work better against dragon and grass type species.

Almost 133 water type pokemon are available in the wild and you need is to locate and capture them. A gamer wanting to buy Pokemon go account will surely look for these types of Pokemon in Pokedex.

Fire type pokemon

Pokemon which belong under this type of species are super effective against pokemon species type bug, ice, grass, and steel.

Their fire attacks cannot be dodged effectively by the above-mentioned type pokemon. They don’t fare well when they are used in a battle against the ground, water, and rock type. Pokemon under this species are Charizard, Charmander, Vulpix, Blaziken, Ponyta, Flareon and Slugma.

Total of 68 fire type pokemon is present in the wild. They also get their powers increased by 50% during harsh sunlight and they lose their power during heavy rains. Pokemon go account for sale or buying a pokemon go account, both will increase the value of your Pokemon go account by a high rate.

Ground type pokemon

Ground type pokemon have above average power attacks and defense but their attacks do not work properly against flying and they’re vulnerable against Ice, Water and Grass type pokemon.

Garchomp, Flygon, Zygarde, Larvitar, Onix, Diglett, and Trapinch come under this species and there are a total of 65 ground type pokemon in the anime but the game might have a little less of those.

These pokemon can learn Rock-type attacks to use these attacks against flying and bug type pokemon. Their most common attacks include causing an earthquake and drilling holes in the ground.

Psychic-type pokemon

If you locate a pokemon which are intelligent and can manipulate the mind waves of other Pokemon. They are mythological creatures but their mind power is what makes them one of the most powerful Pokemon. Pokemon under this category such that Mewtwo, Celebi, Mew, Psyduck, Alakazam, and Hypno and many other. These pokemon are very much effective against poison type pokemon and fighting type pokemon.

Their mind moves are not effective against Dark type pokemon. Dark type pokemon such as Umbreon, Greninja and Darkrai can beat these psychic type pokemon in a battle.

Other Pokemon

There are other types of Pokemon species available too such as flying type pokemon, bug type pokemon, dragon type pokemon, grass type Pokémon, rock type pokemon and a lot more. All of these have their unique abilities and attacks and catching these different types of Pokemon species will make your Pokemon go account for sale famous.

Your Pokemon go account for sale will see a huge number of gamers flocking to buy Pokemon go account. A full and diverse Pokedex will make a gamer to look forward to playing with your Pokemon go account.

Which pokemon should you choose when engaging in a gym battle in your Pokemon go account?
There are almost 18 types of pokemon in the cartoon but not necessarily in the game and so you need to know which of your caught pokemon are best in a gym battle.
We’ll look at the most common available pokemon which are present in the wild and can be located and caught easily. We’ll also look at their evolved forms as these is what makes gamer buy Pokemon go account.

Pichu – Pikachu – Raichu

This electric type pokemon may not be available to you in the first day of playing this game but having this pokemon does make your pokemon go account a better sell. Perfect against water and flying type pokemon, this electric type can be used to defeat them.

Squirtle – Wartortle – Blastoise

This water type pokemon will make you emerge a winner in gym battle if used against Ice and steel type pokemon. As water type pokemon can learn some of the Ice type pokemon moves and attacks, it can use the same attacks against the Ice type pokemon to defeat it and get you a gym badge.

Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venusaur

This grass and poison type pokemon has a number of attacks and moves up its leaves and is good against water, ground and rock type pokemon. Its dual personality gives it the ability to defend very well against the dark type pokemon where it can use its poison attacks.

Charmander – Chameleon – Charizard

This lizard and fire type pokemon has a lot of attacks hidden in its fiery tail and its fire-breathing mouth. The third generation of this fire type pokemon evolves into flying pokemon too as Charizard has wings and can fly. Its fire attacks are most effective against bug, steel, grass and ice type pokemon. Use it against the types of pokemon which cannot take the fire on themselves and win the gym battle you are battling for.

Meowth – Persian

This cat pokemon is not a very usual sight on the streets but when you come across one you should not leave it uncaught. They’re immune against ghost type pokemon but also cannot damage them. This pokemon might not be a good choice for a battle fight but being rare it’ll increase the interest of a buyer in your pokemon account put up for sale.



If you got your account recovered or not we hope you had a good read from this article. If you didn’t get your account back, just know that we will always be there for you if you need a new account.