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A gamer should be aware of the latest updates for Pokemon GO.

Get ready to know the new updates associated with your Pokemon go trainer account. A lot of features have been pushed to live that will change the way you play the game and the way a Pokemon go gamer will look at a Pokemon go account for sale.

All these features also make the price of a Pokemon go account free go high, in case a gamer is looking buy a Pokemon go account. All of these updates and features enables a Pokemon go game player to interact with their friends and in new and exciting ways. So, let’s go ahead and look at how these updates have changed the look and feel of the game.

New options

The game now gives the gamer an option to become friends with other trainers. Using their Pokemon go account free gamers can, now, send their other friends, who play the game. Every trainer Pokemon go account has a unique ID and entering this unique trainer ID in your game will send a friend request to your friend, whose Pokemon trainer ID you’ve entered in your account. This new feature gives birth to a lot of other features.

Pokemon GO friend gift

You can send special gifts to your friend who’re present in your friend list. Your friend can also send you these special gifts.
To collect these gifts you need to visit a Pokestop or a Gym and spin a photo disc at a the Pokestop. These gifts collected at Pokestop and Gym cannot be opened by you in your Pokemon go account. But you can send this gift to your friends who can open it. These gifts can contain special eggs, which when hatched gives different and rare Pokemon.

New friends in Pokemon GO

Becoming friends in Pokemon go game has a lot of benefits. You can exchange gifts, and can also trade Pokemon with your friends if they have a trainer account at level 10 or higher. These trades can be accomplished using Stardust. And trading of a rare and high CP pokemon in Pokemon go account needs more amount of stardust and can be done only once a day.

These updates, which enable trading and exchange of gifts can make your Pokemon go account for sale. A gamer who wants to buy a Pokemon go account will like it, if there are a number of surprises and rare Pokemon waiting for him in their soon to be Pokemon go account.
A Pokemon go account for sale will attract the right buyer only when it has all of these updates and features. And if you’re the one looking to buy a Pokemon go account instead of selling it then you should be aware of these updates too, as they’ll help you in getting more items and Pokemon in your bought account.

Pokemon GO fan

The game has a huge fan following and the reason behind this huge fan following are the existing features and items of the game. And when added along with this are the new updates then this huge fan following increases even more. Your Pokemon go account has witnessed a number of changes since, its first arrival and the new changes that have been brought in the recent past.

Your Pokemon go account for sale will sell for a lot of money if the account is updated and upgraded. And one of the main reasons for people selling their Pokemon go account or a gamer buying a Pokemon go account is that not every gamer has the time to keep up with the new updates every time they’re released and thus selling a Pokemon go account with these updates will get you more cash.

And buying a Pokemon go account with these updates will get you more features and quests to go on.
Also as a player buy a Pokemon go account which has all of these updates available in the Pokemon go account you’re buying.

Now, that you’re aware of how this game and its new updates work, let’s look at the big picture these updates bring.
Interacting at a game level with your friends will strengthen your friendship and will make this game more fun for you. Therefore, the game has its last level as 40 but with you putting up your Pokemon go account for sale and being aware of all the updates and how to use them starting from the bottom will only increase the gaming experience.

The new Pokemon GO update

Let’s keep you updated on the new developments and surprises that Pokemon go makers have launched for this game’s 2nd anniversary –
1. A special Pikachu in the wild which will have more frequent sightings than the normal one.
2. Your incubated eggs will hatch with Pichus inside them which can be evolved into a Pikachu.
3. The storage capacity of the Pokemon go account has been increased to 2000 to accommodate more Pokemon.
These special offers are present for a whole month so go ahead and grab them by their hand and do not miss this important chance of upgrading your Pokemon go account.

For instance, all of the new updates and special occasions is the best time to upgrade your Pokemon go account for sale. Sell your Pokemon go account without missing any of these special surprises that the makers throw at you. Also, gamers are more likely to buy a Pokemon go account when the most popular Pokemon, Pikachu, is present in your Pokemon collection. Therefore with special Pikachu, your Pokemon go account for sale will sell like a hot cake.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon quests are available in a game which can be bought by a gamer on Nintendo switch. The same is going to be available on iOS and Andriod soon. This game, however, is not related to Pokemon go, has a number of features similar to Pokemon go game. With a number of adventures and a simple-to-play game, your Pokemon go account will find a new friend in this game although they both are different.

Professor Oak in his white blazer and sparkling eyes is no mystery man to any of the gamer. Gamers know him as the Professor who gives candies in exchange for their Pokemon.
With the new update which allows a gamer to trade Pokemon with their friends, exchanging pokemon for candies has been in the game since long back.

A gamer eyering to buy a Pokemon go account will also need to know the importance of this character and how interaction with Professor Oak can bring them more knowledge and candies, of course. And if, you have a Pokemon go account for sale the better use the opportunity to collect Pokemon and candies so that gamers are willing to buy your Pokemon go account looking at the stock you’ve.

Bamboozle your opponent

Firstly if used this opportunity with care and smart mind, all the new updates along with Professor Oak will make your Pokemon go account a big attraction. Above all follow the game and keep yourself up-to-date with any new updates and the wise words of the Professor. Gamers will buy a Pokemon go account when it has the latest items in more amount and when the Pokedex oozes with rare and high CP Pokemon. So, these updates are the time when raids for rare Pokemon are frequent and you need to keep an eye on it.
Above all players who’s looking to sell the Pokemon go account free, it is necessary to participate in raids and win gym battles and collect candies and stardust and with these updates and special offers from time to time, a gamer will get extra help and time in doing all of the above.

Therefore players who’re looking to buy a Pokemon go account, they need to look far deeper into how the Pokemon go account for sale they’re going to buy has been active in raids or not. That is to say they can question the seller gamer or can go through the specifications of the Pokemon go account they’re buying. Whatever a player may be doing, selling a Pokemon go account or buying a Pokemon go account, they both need to know how the new updates and all of the characters of the game do their respective work.

Gaming the system

As a result taking the advantage of these new updates and occasional surprises will work for you. Meanwhile gamers buy a Pokemon go account which has all the features it should have till the level it has been leveled-up at.

Players will buy a Pokemon go account when it has the features like rare Pokemon, high CP Pokemon, stardust and candies, gym badges and medals. Your Pokemon go account for sale will also increase in its value if it has a feature to trade Pokemon among friends. But it’s the responsibility of the person buying it to know about this feature. And if you’re running short of candies then you can seek the help of Professor Oak to exchange candies with you for Pokemon.

But keep in mind that each Pokemon has a unique candy for itself and transfer the Pokemon you want to evolve.
Similarly your Pokemon go account free will become buyable if it has almost all the latest features and updates along with a wide range of Pokemon collection which is rare and has high CP.


In conclusion no matter why you’re playing this game, for fun or to run a Pokemon go account buying and the selling business, you just need to focus on your Pokemon go account free. So get familiar with different adventures and features of the game. For example if it’s fun then you need to know the features to level up your account and continue playing. And if it for selling a Pokemon go account then also you need to maintain it so that a person is willing to buy your Pokemon go account.

Likewise a gamer who’s buying a Pokemon go account they’ll look at different features of the account before buying it and that is why as a person with a Pokemon go account for sale make sure that your Pokemon go account has all of these features. So, keep playing and keep growing in the game because it’s fun and brings in some money too.

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