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If you end up winning or getting a Pokemon GO account for free, you can take use of these tips we will list below to optimize it!

This is an article about Pokemon GO account and how you can optimize your Pokemon GO account for free. Save both time, effort and money by following some tips and tricks we’ve written down for you.

It seems like yesterday, but Pokemon GO has been with us for more than two years. Nobody could imagine the madness that the game developed by Niantic was going to unleash all over the world. It is true that he did not start off with a very good footing in terms of content and connection stability, but, now, it is a pretty good game.

So here are some tips and tricks that you need to know for your own Pokemon GO account.

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Chosing Pikachu as your initial Pokemon

The first thing we have to do when starting Pokemon GO account is to create our character and choose between capturing one of the first three Pokemon that we will see: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Well, what we have to do is ignore them and keep moving until we have made a few turns with the game running.

At that moment, Pikachu will appear next to the three initial Pokemon and we will be able to capture it as soon as we start Pokemon GO. This is how Pikachu is captured at the beginning of the game, although, of course, you can also do it at any other time, as long as you find it.

Pikachu Pokemon GO Account

Playing daily has a reward

As in the vast majority of mobile games, Pokemon GO can get a series of rewards for playing daily. In the case of the successful game of Niantic and The Pokemon Company, you just have to capture a Pokemon and go through a Pokeparada every day.

As a reward, you will get a small number of experience points and powder dust. Remember to log in daily to your Pokemon GO account so that you can get these rewards.


Throwing the Poké Balls with effect is better

When capturing a Pokemon, we can get a greater reward if we catch it by launching a Poké Ball with effect. To do this, we have to quickly move the Poké Ball from one side to the other before moving it to the side of the screen and throw it at the height of the Pokémon. Thus, the Pokéball will take an effect that will make the Pokemon more difficult to escape from its capture.

If you want more information about the launches, we leave our guides with tricks to not miss any launch and launch techniques to capture more easily. Capture more accurately without the camera activated

It is true that part of the grace of capturing Pokemon in the real world is lost, but disabling the augmented reality function and capturing creatures with the static scenario gives us greater precision because we can better calculate the distance to which we should launch the Poké Balls.


Capture Pokemon from home

Playing Pokemon GO entails having to leave home and enjoy an authentic adventure as Pokemon trainers capture creatures in the real world. However, it is possible to capture Pokemon from home.

There are not as many as if we were walking, but if we access the game and activate the location, a couple of creatures will appear every time. You can also buy Pokemon GO account so that you do not need to spend all of that time capturing any new Pokemon.


Capture more Pokemon with the incense

As we just explained, one of the keys to the Niantic game is to get players to go out and walk around looking for Pokemon. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of its benefits, of course, but there is an object that is designed for the laziest. We talk about incense, an item that we can use to attract the Pokemon to our position and thus avoid the “kicks”.

The perfect plan to continue to find Pokemon even when we are at home.

It should be noted that even using incense, Pokemon GO is still inviting us to walk in search of new creatures, since the Pokemon GO account code It hides an algorithm that makes incense even more effective if we keep walking.

What’s more, incense works even better the faster we walk. Thus, a Pokemon per minute will appear every 200 meters we walk.

The Different Types Of Eggs

Capturing is not the only way to get creatures in Pokemon GO. We can also hatch eggs to get them, although in a random way.

These eggs are of four types: 2km, 5km, 7km, and 10km. As expected, the type of egg indicates the distance we must travel with them in the incubator to open them.

For more information, we leave you our guide with all the Pokemon that can touch you in the eggs of Pokemon GO. Just buy Pokemon GO account, so that you can also find eggs immediately.


Get Pokemon without spending money

The Pokemon dollars are the virtual money in Pokemon GO.

They serve to get in the store from Poké Balls to increases in the backpack of objects. However, they cost real money, unless we get them with our effort.

Actually, it is not necessary to leave the skin to obtain Pokemon. You just have to leave several Pokemon in gyms every day. In this way, we can get up to a total of 50 coins every 24 hours.

Now, you have to try to leave them in little-crowded gymnasiums and thus you will have more possibilities of holding more time inside. As an extra, we give you our guide on how to invest Pokemon with an intelligent way and the best Pokemon to defend gyms. Buy a Pokemon GO account is also another fast way of getting your goals in the game.


Climb levels faster

There is a trick to get experience faster in Pokemon GO. We just need to have a lucky egg and several Pidgey.

The first thing we must do is open a lucky egg, which doubles the points obtained during 30 minutes. Then, in that time we took advantage to evolve as many captured Pidgey as possible.

Thus, we will get a good number of experience points that could even make us level up in just 30 minutes. It is advisable to use Pidgey for this trick since you need very few candies to evolve.

You can also take advantage of this trick by evolving a good amount of Pokemon. For more information, we leave you our guide with all the rewards and experiences that are obtained for each level.

There are also Pokemon GO accounts for free, wherein you can just buy a high-level account right away.


The importance of the Pokemon Companion

For some time, Pokemon GO added the possibility of having a Pokemon as a companion in the game. Any Pokemon that we have trapped can occupy that position, which means appear next to our avatar. Not only that, but it allows us to get candy every time we travel together a certain amount of kilometers that varies according to the creature. Therefore, it is important to assign a Pokemon as a companion, taking into account, for example, the species that we want to evolve since it will provide us with an extra amount of candy to get it done before.


Adding friends is important

Recently, Pokemon GO has integrated into its code the possibility of adding friends with whom we can exchange Pokemon, as well as send and receive gifts. These gifts offer a series of useful objects, including a special surprise: an Egg that, when hatched, contains the Alola form of a Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region. As for the exchanges, they allow us to get creatures to complete our Pokédex and even some known as lucky Pokemon, which can be stronger than the normal ones and that go up in level with less dust.

For all that and more, it is important to add friends in Pokemon GO, then, in addition, it should be noted that if for whatever reason you are left without Poké Balls or berries, you can get them thanks to the gifts they give you. As an extra, we give you our guides on how to get Pokemon with luck in Pokemon GO and how the exchange works. If you add friends to your Pokemon GO account for free, this makes the game way more fun to play.


The evolutions of Eevee

With the introduction of the first two generations of Pokemon in Pokemon GO, it was possible to evolve Eevee to Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Espeon.

Unlike other creatures from which we can know which Pokemon evolve, Eevee shows an interrogation, because its evolution is random.

Now, you must know that there are some tricks to get the evolution of Eevee that you want. The one we are going to tell you on this occasion is to change the name to Eevee and put what you need of those who will see below.

Note that this trick will only work the first time you use it, although there are others for tricks to evolve to Eevee how you want and you can find them in our guide on how to get all evolutions of Eevee. If you want to read more about how to evolve Eevee into other Pokemon you can read this article

Pokemon GO Account Eevee

Make the most of incubators

The first thing you need to know about incubators is that it is not worth spending coins to get them.

When we open an egg we not only get a Pokemon but a variable amount of star powder and candies. Important as they are, it is not worth paying 50 coins for opening it. It is best to wait to level up to get some. For example, when we go up to level 30 we get three incubators of three uses, counting on that, in addition, we have the infinite.

As you already know, the 10 km eggs offer Pokemon that are more rare and valuable than those of 5 and 2 km.

If you have a finite and limited amount of incubators, the logical thing is that you do not waste them on an egg of 2 km, because you will get little valuable creatures. It is best to incubate 10 km eggs with the best incubators, both for three uses and super incubator, and leave the 2km for the infinite. This is how you can get more out of the incubators.


Get the unique Pokemon Mew, Celebi, and Deoxys

Currently, in Pokemon GO, you can capture the unique creatures Mew, Celebi, and Deoxys. As for the first two, you just have to complete the special investigations of Professor Willow.

So that you do not lose any detail of what they are, we leave you our guides on how to get to Mew and how to get Celebi. As for Deoxys, it is a unique Pokemon of the psychic type that, for now, will only be available temporarily in the EX Raids.

Therefore, to capture it, you will have to participate in an incursion of this type. To help you, we leave you a guide with the best Pokemon to fight against Deoxys.

If you are still a new player to Pokemon GO and have just created your Pokemon GO account for free, then here are a few tips to remember.


Tips to start playing

Download the app: remember that this is a mobile game. Keep in mind that you will consume a certain amount of data to play, it is not something to hang out without the internet anywhere.

Get ready to walk: the whole Pokemon GO concept! It is based on walking. You will have to walk to get pokéballs, to hatch eggs … hence the consumption of data. There will not always be a Wi-Fi network to connect to.

No need to spend real money: this goes hand in hand with the previous point.

You can spend real money, but you can get them by buying them in-game. Check your application to find out where the nearest one is in your city. You can also buy Pokemon GO account for free to get a fully loaded Pokemon GO account for free instantly. Do not capture everything you see: as a comic strip used to say, if you capture all the Zubat you find, you will not be able to capture Lapras when he appears.

Keep in mind that here, getting pokéballs is not as easy as going to the store (unless you spend real money, of course).


Take care while playing

Keep in mind that the game, in addition to the concept of “walking to get things”, changes a lot of the way you play.

There are no turn-based battles like now, if that is mandatory for you, this application may not convince you. Choose the Pokemon worthwhile: to know with what creatures worth striving, you can use our Evolution Calculator to find out if your Pokemon is the best or not.

Do not use third-party applications to cheat the GPS or anything like that, because you may find yourself expelled temporarily or permanently and lose all your progress.

Always play with time and safety: this is not usual advice in a guide, but in this case and given everything that has happened around Pokemon GO.

You play in the real world, look where you go and how you do it, be careful when crossing a street, pay attention not to bump into people, do not neglect your pet if you take the opportunity to play while walking.

Get your first Pokemon and go out and capture more

Now that you know everything you should know before playing, start by choosing your first Pokemon. You should know that if you reject Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle four times or more, you can get Pikachu as an initial creature. Remember that none is better than another in general terms, you just have to keep in mind that the types are still valid, their advantages and disadvantages.

Get used to real-time battles, which are simple but can have their complication at the beginning. Get the location of the Pokemon from the place where you live to replenish objects and eggs quickly and start capturing Pokemon! Explore your city and conquer gyms

You should already be prepared for the great challenges of the game.


How to exchange Pokemon and objects

You can now exchange Pokemon and objects! Of course, there are a number of limitations that you must take into account to be able to do this.

You cannot do it with anyone, nor can you do it as many times as you want, or with all the Pokemon and objects that you want. We recommend you take a look at our exchange guide to know exactly how the system works and what you should do to start changing things with others.

Discover all the secrets of the game

Once you have reached the point of being able to face the raids and other events related to the most powerful Pokemon, remember that the system is very complex if you scratch the surface.

The whole framework of finding the best Pokemon based on insisting on capturing the same guys, getting a shiny, all the secrets and Easter eggs (no, these do not hatch, they are easter eggs ) of the game like carrying Pikachu or Eevee on the shoulder, complete your Pokédex. When you buy Pokemon GO account, all of those secrets will be unlocked for you so that you do not have to worry about spending too much of your time playing the game.

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