Pokemon for sale

Pokemon for sale, how to buy and how!

You are probably looking for Pokemon for sale. There’s a way to buy Pokemon, and it’s pretty simple!


Pokemon go game has taken to the world by storm and has set a global boom since its release. This game is available for IOS and Android users and uses the GPS facility embedded in your device. The game uses the GPS function to locate and capture virtual creatures in the game, though the locations are real. These virtual creatures called Pokemon are found all over the world and are characterized in different races according to their combat power (CP). Higher the combat power more the chances of winning a gym battle.

Players sometimes might not have the time and patience to go around their city in search of Pokemon and it might get boring and frustrating with time. And not only this gamers might not be able to find the Pokemon of their wish. Boosting up your Pokemon go account is one way to reach the higher level in the game of your expectations.

You can boost up your Pokemon go account by buying Pokemon or selling them.

Any Pokemon of higher CP, when added to your account, will boost it up.

Any new Pokemon caught by you for the first would first be registered to the Pokedex. And a Pokemon’s combat power determines its ability to fight in gym battles.

You’ve got an option to put lower CP Pokemon for sale and transfer it to Professor Willow, a character in the game, in exchange for candies. These candies are used to evolve your Pokemon from one level to another, say from Zubat to Golbat and to increase their combat power to make them stronger.

Each of these candies is unique for one species of Pokemon. Pokemon which is put up for sale will fetch you one candy and this one candy can only be used to power up the Pokemon of that species whose Pokemon was put up for sale. Transfer of Pokemon to the Professor is same as putting these Pokemon for sale.  You can also put common Pokemon up for sale in exchange for candies to evolve those Pokemon. Just because a Pokemon is easy to find does not mean it cannot be put to good use.

Pokemon go also as rare candies. Unlined above-mentioned candy which can only be used for particular Pokemon, these rare candies can be used for any kind of Pokemon. That means if you’ve put one kind of Pokemon for sale and received a candy, that candy, being rare, can be used to evolve another species of Pokemon.

These rare candies are not available easily and you would have to battle in raids. The more raid bosses you beat, the more rare candy you get.

Once you have a rare candy you can use it on any Pokémon of your own wish. Just click on the menu, that is the pokeball in the bottom middle screen and tap on the icon button. You’ll have a bunch of options displaying on your screen. Out of those tap on rare candy. Search for Pokemon you want to use that rare candy on and tap on that Pokémon. Keep tapping on the Pokémon until you’ve converted all the rare candy at once.

Now, the real question is which Pokémon should you choose to put up for sale. Pokémon for sale put up by you should help you in increasing and evolving your trainer club. Getting and converting rare candy is easy but knowing what to convert is hard. Put up your thinking caps before using those limited number of rare candies as there is the rear of wasting then without getting much help in return.

These candies can be used based on your preferred Pokémon type, attacker or a defender. Attackers are often preferred for raid battle games and for an engaging in a winning battle game you would want to power then up to level 30 or more. And that would take a lot of candy. Defenders are mainly used to cover up or prolong a fight when your attacker Pokémon is not able to fight.

Put Pokémon for sale and earn candies to evolve your other Pokémon and power up your trainer club. But use these candies wisely to make a powerful club.