Pokemon account

What can your Pokemon GO account do?

There is a lot of stuff you can do with your Pokemon GO account. This arctile will go over some stuff that you need to look at in order to achieve the best Pokemon account possible. What Pokemon to catch, the Pokemon you should look for and more.

Pokemon go is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Niantic. Ever since Pokemon go game has been launched, young adults have gone berserk over the game. Locating, catching and training the Pokemon to combat in gym battles have been the topmost priority of the gamers. There is no denying that this game is addictive but it’s also time-consuming. But this is not the only reason the game is famous for. The app’s popularity can be used to make some serious hard cash. There are a lot of gamers who are willing to pay lots of cash to buy existing Pokemon account.

The whole story of Pokemon go starts from opening a Pokemon go account and registering yourself as one of the trainers.

Selling your Pokemon go account is one of the best options to obtain some quick cash.

Gamers do not have much time and patience to walk around in search of rare or high CP Pokemon. As a result, a lot of gamers prefer to opt for the shortcut and buy an already activated Pokemon go account.

Sell your Pokemon go account for the suitable price to the right person willing to pay that price.

Price of the account put up for sale ranges from low to high based on their level. And not only Pokemon go account level but a lot of other factors to influence the price of Pokemon go account you’re selling.

Selling Pokemon go account would require a gamer to research the market for the type of accounts that are selling and types of Pokemon that are making those accounts rare. If you’ve got a high-level account or a rare Pokemon, sell your Pokemon go account at a worthy price.

But to make your Pokemon go saleable you need to grind through your Pokemon go account and level it up. Level 24 account with a Dragonite and a Snorlax are getting sold for around 600 to 800 dollars. Level 14 account which is not that great and might lack significant Pokemon are going for around 35 to 40 dollars.

Some of the best Pokemon

Below is the list of Pokemon which are considered rare and would be a good collection to your Pokedex –








Pokedex is an organized collection where all your caught Pokemon are kept and assembled in an organized manner.

Selling your Pokemon go account would largely be dependent on the contents of Pokedex but it would also include a number of candies, Stardust, eggs that you’ve collected over your walking time.

After the game has skyrocketed in popularity selling Pokemon go account has budded into a small business and enthusiastic players are not skipping this opportunity.

To sell your Pokemon go account you would need to level up the account. Below are the few hacks which can help you in leveling up faster.

Get the best Pokemon account

Capture as many Pokemon as possible

Boosting of your Pokemon go account would need you to capture maximum possible Pokemon you could catch. There are items like incense and lure modules, razzberry which is used to lure Pokemon to a place and capture them.

Look for pokestops
Pokestops provide you with enough Pokeball, eggs, and other items mentioned above to make sure that you always have these items while throwing a Pokeball at a Pokemon.

Hatch eggs
Eggs received at pokestops are to be incubated which hatch after a certain amount distance has been covered. These eggs hatch and you receive a baby Pokemon. Putting eggs into incubation can get you 200 XP.

Selling of Pokemon go account would first require you to battle gym leaders and earn badges. These battles can be fought with stronger high CP Pokemon and engaging in a battle with a gym trainer can get you 100 XP. And defeating that gym trainer would earn you 150 XP.


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