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Can you Buy Pokemon GO?

Well, in theory you can Buy Pokemon GO, not the entire game but the accounts you use to play the game with. PurchasePokemon is a site where you can Buy Pokemon GO accounts with an ease.

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If you want to have a fully understanding of what Pokemon GO is this article will go over a few things about Pokemon GO and Niantic the company that created Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO – who created it and what’s the hype all about

As the Pokémon go game sees a groundbreaking popularity even after years of its release. It is important to see what makes this game so popular and why it has been one of the most played games in the history.

Pokémon go the game was released by Niantic in July of 2016 on Android and iOS platform and instantly hit it with millennials.

The game is based upon a popular animation and thus holds a nostalgic value to all the players. And this is one of the reasons why the game became an instant hit around the world. Players from all around the world played the game, mostly, because it was attached to their childhood memories.

This game is a free-to-play reality game which is location-based and requires your mobile’s GPS to track down the Pokémon.

The popularity of the game can also be traced to fact that it requires you to go out in the open and walk around to locate and catch Pokémon.

After making a Pokémon go account, which actually does not require you to furnish many details and is fairly easy and simple, you, as a trainer, need to go around your town and catch Pokémon. Physical activity required for this game makes the player to ditch their glowing monitors.

The game is not difficult to understand.

Your Pokémon go account just needs to be handled by locating, catching and trading your Pokémon and evolving them to make them strong and powerful.

It has also become popular as it brought the millennials together and formed a popular gaming community.

The players are all off, almost, same age group and connect very well with each other because of this game. They will gather and host community gatherings and talk about their Pokémon go account and other account features.

One more reason as to why this game achieved popularity and success is people started to sell and buy Pokémon go account in order stay ahead of other game players and have rare, unique, strong and powerful Pokémon.

The game has become so sensational that players have started to sell their high-level Pokémon go accounts to other players who’re not able to keep up with the regular updates and are not able to gather as much Pokémon they would like to catch.

Buying a Pokémon go account allows them the freedom of buying it from anyone and thus acquiring Pokémon from a place that they might not be able to visit.

The game almost feels real and gives all of the controls and places a character in the game of the player’s choice. The trainer Pokémon go account will have a character of the player’s design and choice and will move along with their movement.

This mirror replica of the player makes them feel that they’re in the actual game.

The game has a lot more features with new updates and Pokémon characters getting added which keeps the game interesting. It also connects players from all around the world having the same interest and thus providing them a platform to discuss their mutual interests.


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